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There’s always space on the couch for Jack



”Daddy, I’ll always find a way to sit on the couch and watch TV, I’m the boss”


Tiny Jack

tiny jackMy baby is so tiny now, still cute 🙂 I love him so much!


My baby wants to play

My baby wants to play

I’m too tired to play…I feel bad for being sick, but his joy lifts my mood.

Wedding magazine

Wedding magazine

I have to say that I’m not really proud of myself for buying a bridal magazine, I always thought that magazines were a waste of my money. I would look at them, read some articles when my friends would buy them, but I never had one of my own. To make it worse, I bought a Bridal one, how trivial!
It’s okay though, because there are no rules that say that a feminist cannot dream about getting married. I love weddings, and planning mine is just a lot of fun. It’s about time I get officially engaged though…Bf was actually happy to see me with a magazine and getting exited about it. He wanted me to show him the dress I want to wear (Like that was gonna happen hehe).

Bucket list # 13 Complete a coloring book

Bucket list # 13 Complete a coloring book

Yesterday I went to the store and bought a coloring calendar. When I finish coloring all the pages, I will give it to my little niece to put in her room 🙂 . Coloring actually takes a lot of patience, but it’s fun 🙂 I’m glad I made that bucket list. 🙂

I’m a prince


Jack :)

Jack :)

Back to spending my days with Jack 🙂

Beautiful view

Beautiful view


Mango tree

Mango tree

View from a dining room window of a mango tree