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Addressing Violence Against Women Globally | Cindy Dyer | TEDxSMU

I haven’t experience domestic violence personally, but I know people around me who has. What upset me the most is when I hear people say that the woman knew what she was getting herself into, or that if she wanted  she could have left him. I’ve experienced a situation where the man was holding his wife at gun point calling her all kinds of names, the woman called her in-laws who lived near her, and they said that they were not gonna get involved…….

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Female Sexual Shame Hurts Us All | Jennifer Gunsaullus

Have you ever felt ashamed by your sexuality ? I know I’ve often felt shame from liking sex too much or talking about it too much.  I used to  a very bad relationship with sex, probably because of my history of abuse, where I would use my sexuality to make man suffer, in my own way.

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10 ways psychotherapy helped me

Living with Dissociative Identity Disorder (Guest post)

Check out this great post from my blogger friend Bonny about DID! 

Silence Isn’t Golden—It’s Red: Daleen Berry at TEDx

This hit close to home 

U for Unbreakable (Or poem to my abuser)

S. for Suicide

During the crisis part of my depression, I’ve felt suicidal to a point that I go scared of what I could do to myself.

What to do when you feel suicidal

1) Try to calm down: the first thing I would do was to try to calm down. Watch a funny show, write on my journal, take a walk, play with my dog, anything that could make me feel better. If that did not work I would try seek outside help.

2) Try to talk to someone you know: I made a list with my psychologist of people I could contact in case I felt like hurting myself. The first person of course was Bf. So I would call them or text them. Most of the time I was ashamed to tell them that I felt suicidal, so I would just talk to them, tell them was not feeling well. I’d ask my boyfriend to come over or to stay with me on the phone until I sleep. Support from family and friends is crucial, most of the time, after talking to someone close I was able to calm the pain.

3) Contact a Help line: I’ve actually never done that, but some of my friends did and it helped them. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to a stranger. So if you don’t have anybody to talk to , try calling a help line.

4) Look for Help online: Online forums saved my life multiple times. At a point in my life it was the only place where I could find people feeling like I did. Then I discovered WordPress which is even better. I use to go to a site (I think), where people would post how they felt, it was helpful because I would comment on others post telling them there is hope. Then I realized that if I didn’t wan’t others to commit suicide maybe I should think the same for myself.

5) Call 911 or Check in a hospital: This happened once to me and it was the scariest experience of my life. I had already cut myself during the night, I cried for 2 hours or more and I destroyed a Teddy Bear with a knife. I was escalating, and I had the means to hurt myself seriously. I could not reach my boyfriend, I was too scared to call the Help line, I didn’t want to get committed by force. So I went to the hospital and checked myself in. It wasn’t pleasant but at least I was safe. I checked out in the morning, they informed my psychiatrist and my social worker so I could get more support. I hated the experience but I’m glad I did , because I’m alive and well now.


How Trauma is Passed Down Through Sperm

As time goes on, more and more research is being done on the effects of your sperm on your children. Join Tara as she discusses a recent study that found mental illness caused by traumatic events can be passed down to your children and grandchildren through sperm!


I find that scary! 

When Are People More Likely To Attempt Suicide?


Millions of Americans suffer from depression, and some choose to end their lives. When are people more likely to commit suicide, and what can we do to prevent it? Tara discusses some disturbing trends in the United States, as well as how you can seek help if you’re struggling with suicidal thoughts.

M for mental health


I think you all know by now that I started blogging because of my depression and that it’s a subject that is dear to me. Many thinks that mental illness only has bad sides but being depressed reminded me how creative I can be. Because I had to take time off from work, I started painting in drawing, I found my love of writing back, and I write about subjects that matters to me.

I’m recovering from depression, meaning i’m not debilitated by it anymore and sometimes I actually forget about it… But I make sure to take care of my mental health, everyday. You don’t have to be mentally ill to take care of it, staying  mentally healthy requires as much work as being physically well.

1) Nurture your relationships: We are social animals, it’s important to have a strong support system. When  you are not feeling well to have people to count on. Nurturing your relationships also means staying away from negativity and toxic friends and family. Appreciate the time you spend with the one you loves, reach out to the ones in need, forgive. If you don’t have anybody get a pet, it improves your mood, trust me.

2) Take care of yourself physically: Proper nutrition and physical activities, can go a long way in improving your mental health.It doesn’t have to be extreme, try to eat fruits and vegetables everyday, take a walk, do some yoga, have sex! Anything that can make your feel better physically. Your brain is part of your body, people tend to forget that.

3) Take time for yourself: We are so bombarded by external . We tend to forget to take some personal time to regroup. Introverts feel the need much quickly but extroverts are not immune to burn outs. Don’t ignore your body when it’s asking for a break. For example (from personal experience) catching a cold every month is a warning for you to slow  down. Take a couple minutes per day for yourself, stay a little longer in the shower,go walk your dog by yourself, meditate, stay away from any electronic gadget while you do that.

4) Embrace gratitude and positivity: Be grateful to be alive, try to be less judgmental, don’t take everything personally, be compassionate towards the ones that do you wrong. Accept people for what they are, see life in a positive light every day. It takes effort, but once you get it, it becomes natural.

5) Express yourself: We tend to keep our feeling bottled up and it eats us alive, specially when we keep secrets. You don’t have to be talented at anything to express yourself. Write your feelings down in a journal, if you are scared for your confidentiality, flush it down or burn it when you’re done writing. For the artistic ones, write poems, draw, paint, play music. Try to be as authentic as you can, because wearing a mask is very tiring and it can drag you to abysses you don’t want to visit.

I don’t like to tell people what to do, or maybe I do. I’m not a scientist or in expert in psychology, I just share what I’ve learned throughout my year of self exploration. I hope it helps you! And if you think you might have a mental illness PLEASE SEEK HELP!  If you know someone struggling with mental health issues, do the best you can to help them and ENCOURAGE them to see a  PROFESSIONAL.





S. Green