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Bucket list #40 Discover some new podcasts to listen to


It’s been a while since I’ve listened to any podcast. I rather watch videos on Youtube, but for the sake of my Bucket list I’m gonna look some up. I’m gonna look for podcast that are 20 minutes or less. ( I find them on Itunes.) 

  1.  15 minutes of wellness : The name explains itself. I’m listening to the 1st episode. It’s about adopting a healthy lifestyle and loose weight. They give great advises, I didn’t like the voice of the host at first, but I like the energy of the guest, and I actually wanted to listen for more. So I recommend it. 
  2. The Savvy psychologist’s quick and dirty tips for better mental health: Again, pretty self explanatory. The first episode is how to ask for help. I really like how she gives scientific reason to act as she recommends. I recommend it, but there are not a lot of episodes.
  3. The lively show (oops 45 minutes): This one is about blogging and other aspects of life. Th host is very energetic. Since we are all bloggers, I think this one will interest me. It’s a 45 minutes show though, it might be god to listen while cooking(don’t burn yourselves!), or driving.