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Am I depressed?

You might be depressed if you experience 5 or more of these symptoms for more than 2 weeks. 

  • You lose interest for things you usually enjoy 
  • You feel sad, cry for no reason 
  • You are always tired, no energy 
  • You sleep too much
  • You have difficulty sleeping  
  • You have gained weight very quickly 
  • You lost you appetite 
  • You feel guilty, worthless 
  • It’s hard for you to concentrate 
  • It’s hard for you to take simple decisions 
  • You can’t stay still or you don’t feel like you can move 
  • You think about death and suicide   (please get help immediately) 


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1- Get help! 

In Canada you can consult your general physician, he will make the diagnosis and refer you to the proper channels. The Canadian healthcare system is well equipped to give you complete team of mental health professionals. One website that helped me was If you live in Quebec, you should definitely go to a CLSC they were the most helpful. 

If you feel like you are loosing control or yourself, you have a suicide plan, please contact a suicide help line or CALL 911 

If you work, check with your employer (HR) if they have a help program for employees, it’s becoming very common.

Most school and Universities have Health care professionals on site. They are usually free. Remember that depression is an illness like any other one, it needs to be treated by a health care professional. 

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2- After the diagnosis 

So the doctor gave you the diagnosis, you have clinical depression (or major depression) what do you do next? 

Try to find a psychologist, register for a psychiatrist and look for a support group. You can find all these information online. There are many free mental health support groups they help a lot. You might have to wait to get psychologist, finding a psychiatrist will take even longer but in the mean time there is no harm in looking for support elsewhere. Online forums and blogs helped me a lot. 

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3- They prescribed you meds

Many times, when it’s a general physician who prescribed your medication, he won’t take time to explain what they are and what to expect from them. Do your research, ask questions to your pharmacist. 

When are your depression medications gonna start to work ? 

They usually take 4 to 6 weeks to kick in, so you need patience. You are not gonna feel high are super happy from them, the change is gonna be slight but it might make a big difference. They also might not work, it generally takes a couple of adjustments before they find the perfect combination of meds. 

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4-Schedule you days 

If you are depressed, your agenda is your best friend. Your memory probably sucks and you don’t feel like doing anything so you will need some extra help. 

-Make a list of what you like to do (or what you used to like) 

-Make a list of what you have to do 

Now schedule your days to do: 

1 chore per day (It might be just to do 1 load of laundry) 

1 activity you like (taking a nice bath for example) 

1 physical activity (In the beginning it might mean 5 minutes walk around the block) 

and try to get outside everyday. It will be hard to do  all of them at first but be compassionate towards yourself. 

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5-If you have trouble sleeping 

This is a huge reason why you are so tired when you’re depressed. The body can’t work properly when it’s sleep deprived. If you have trouble falling asleep here are some tips that  can help you: 

-Turn off all electronics when you are ready to sleep 

-Don’t go to bed before you’re sleepy 

-Avoid naps (very hard I know… I tried spending my days out of the house so I could resist) 

-Try meditation (You can find guided meditation to sleep videos on YouTube) 

-Drink something hot before bed 

-Do some relaxation exercises 

My biggest problem with sleep was that I had very bad sleep quality. I kept waking up. I had to take sleeping pills. Most sleeping pills are addictive when they are not taken properly and when you are not followed by a doctor. I was on them for about 3 months then he took me off them. I still don’t sleep but it’s a choice now. 

6- Journal 

Journaling is proven to help depression. This will help you keep your sanity. Most of the time, you won’t find people who really understand what you’re going through, and journaling is a great way to get out those feelings that are eating you alive. You can burn them when you finish writing, what’s important is that you stop ruminating. You can find online some websites that give you journal topics or you can just Google self help tools for depression and you will find plenty of tools to help you sort out your feelings. 

This is it for my how to guide for depression. I will explore the subject further in other mini posts. 




Maslow,mental health and compliments


I’ve been going through the comments on my blog and I saw how good I felt when I read positive comments and reviews about my blog. My self esteem goes up a bit, I’m starting to believe that maybe I’m good at this writing thing..People are actually interested in what I have to say and share. What a great feeling! So an idea came up! I’m going to collect positive things people say about be and whenever I’m down, I will read them and remember that some people think I’m awesome :). It’s crazy how it’s hard for us to accept our talents and know how much we are worth. This constant need of approval destroys our self esteem. 

Since we are human, and we cannot get rid of our need of belonging, I say, let’s make the best of it. We deserve to celebrate ourselves (Not to the point of being self centered), to remind ourselves that we were put into this hearth for a reason. Maybe we haven’t found it yet, but with a little digging, some experimentation and by accepting failure eventually we will be in the path of self actualization (Maslow’s hierarchy of needs). 

I’ve been looking for a video that correlates Maslow hierarchy of needs with mental disorders but I haven’t found one yet that doesn’t make me snore out of boredom. Why does information about mental health as to be so plain. No wonder reaching out to ”normal” people is so hard. Even I don’t want to watch a depressing video about depression.

My theory is a person suffering from a mental illness is generally deprived of his basic needs. These are the ones sited in the 3 first steps of the pyramid such as : health, employment security,family, friendship and sexual intimacy. It becomes more of a problem when they live in countries where those needed are supposedly fulfilled and the majority is reaching for the 2 last steps of the pyramid which are Esteem and Self Actualization. No wonder there is a barrier between the mentally ills and the mentally healthy , between the poor and the middle class and up. They don’t speak the same language.

A person who was raised in a stable family, had always have healthy relationship , who has never suffered from a mental illness wont understand why these needs are so important some someone who suffers from depression for example. For them these are already acquired needs that became their normalcy, now they are striving for high self esteem and creativity.A lot of people suffering from mental health are very creative and spontaneous. These are needs at the top of the pyramid, a person who had already acquired these qualities but lack of  basics necessity become unstable.

Take myself as an example I feel like I have met all the needs in the self actualization category (morality,creativity,spontaneity,problem solving,lack of prejudice and acceptance of facts) but In 3 other categories (Safety,love/belonging and esteem) I fail miserably. The good news is that it can be fixed and we don’t even have to do it in the ”right” order. The need of safety can be resolved with a concrete in rational plan so it should be easier to solve than the others. I think love and belonging goes with esteem. From my perspective, if we work on our self esteem, respect others,believe in ourselves and achieve the goals we set to ourselves, having a sense of belonging and making meaningful relationship should follow. This is great news, i just rationally proved to myself how I can improve my life! 

So my suggestion are :

  1. Look at the pyramid, select the needs you have already fulfilled and put them as your assets then find the ones that need to be addressed and find different ways you can work towards satisfying them.
  2. Write down the compliments people give you and read them from time to times to remind yourself that despite every reason you can find to hate yourself somebody else thinks that there is some good in you. 

That’s all for today’s advice. Please tell m what you think about my theory,there’s nothing scientific about it so feel free to question it, I love a good debate.

Enjoy your night! Or… your Morning!Kisses!