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Do Animals Have A Sense of Humor?

We know that some animals, like dogs and apes, can laugh. Can an animal also have a sense of humor? Join Anthony as he discusses how Koko the Gorilla and some other animals show promising signs.

A to z challenge (A)/ Bucket list- Animal

Of course I’m starting this challenge with the word ANIMAL! 


I’m going to share with you lessons that I’ve learned from my favorite Animal, Jack!

1- Be resilient

When you fall on your face (he literally does), get back up and jump again! I don’t know how many times Jack has tried to jump with one of his toys (not all were given to him), twice his size usually he falls, but then he gets back up, tries another angle and jump again. Wouldn’t it be great if we acted like that in the face of failure?

2- Share your love 

Express affection, to the ones you love. Don’t be scare to make them feel special. There is no way to stay mad when Jack is jumping around because he’s happy to see you. Sharing your love with others can only have good repercussions.

3-Never refuse love

Never turn down acts of love. He’s always up for cuddling, when he gets tired he just goes away. But he always take a little bit of love from others.

4-Appreciate the small things in life 

Jack is an expert in that matter. It doesn’t take him much to be happy. A new gift, a trip to the garage to go take out the trash makes his day. We should appreciate more these little moments of joy.

5- Be brave 

Jack is a Shi Tzu, but he is not scared of big dogs. Sometimes I’m scared for him, but most of the time after showing his bravery, the big dogs befriend him. Jack think he can fly, he’s always jumping, for such a small dog you would think he’d be scared of falling, but he play on is strength and agility. Sometimes we should forget that we are small, be brave and take calculated risks.


There’s always space on the couch for Jack



”Daddy, I’ll always find a way to sit on the couch and watch TV, I’m the boss”


Tiny Jack

tiny jackMy baby is so tiny now, still cute 🙂 I love him so much!


My baby with no hair


Brought Jack yesterday to the groomer so he can get a summer cut. He’s so tiny now.

My baby wants to play

My baby wants to play

I’m too tired to play…I feel bad for being sick, but his joy lifts my mood.

I’m a prince


Jack :)

Jack :)

Back to spending my days with Jack 🙂

I miss him

I miss him

In that picture he was about ton invite himself to the bathroom LOL…I miss my shadow!