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I added a follow button to my website!

I’m so excited I found out how to add a button so wordpress bloggers can follow me! I’m so happy! It’s not the automatic transfer I hoped for but it’s easier for you guys! You won’t have to enter your email address anymore! Just click the follow button and it’s done! 🙂 



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 Remember to subscribe and bookmark my website ! is ready 🙂


I’ll stop posting on on April 30th.


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Remember to subscribe

 Remember to subscribe and bookmark my website ! is ready 🙂


I’ll stop posting on on April 30th.


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P for patience and projects

I’m a very impatient person, and it’s something I’m trying to fight. Because it affects my emotions and my self control which is very bad. When people don’t act at the speed. I would like them too… I tend to loose my temper, usually I stay polite, but my face shows my obvious lack of esteem for the other person.

I’ve been working on that by lowering my expectations towards others.   Not everyone function at the same speed. I’m now patient towards my friends and family. We’ll see how it goes when I start working.

My biggest challenge though is patience toward my self. I have none. I know that I learn fast so I expect my brain to work at least at the his speed prior my depression. It’s not fully there yet, but it’s working pretty well. I tend to overuse it because of my lack of patience.. and we all know what comes after that! Burn out! So tonight I’m forcing myself not to work on my website until tomorrow. Let me. Add after coffee. And I have to take a shower. I’m really one of those who forget about everything else when they have a project. I didn’t even watch my tv shows!

My blog was my first project since my depression and I think I’ve put it somewhere descent. So the next step, the website, should be my project for the next six months. Maybe I’ll have enough content to write about how to create a blog, gain follower, make a website and succeed at it in a year!

When I first started blogging I really did it for myself I need to get some secrets out of my system. Then I got my first 10 followers, then 50 then 100. People commented, and I commented on theirs, I felt like going to check on my wordpress friends was a duty. It was also a reason to stay alive. Then I started getting award… trust me it helps your self esteem. Once I got to that point it became an addiction I wanted more. The big difference between when I just started blogging and now is that I wanted to blog for myself, but now I want to blog for myself ANd for the world and I want to be great at it.

So my project requires patience. I need to be patient and know my limits, take the time to reflect or meditate everyday so I don’t get overwhelmed by the exterior world.


Exporting my blog to

So I bought the domain! I spent my day learning about building a website. I used to buy the domain and for them to host it for me. It cost me 20$ and I’ll have to pay 8 dollars a month. So about 100 dollars a year, I put it as an expensive hobby for the moment. Its still cheaper then the amount of money I spend at the movies per year. What’s cool is that you can create your own website and still use wordpress themes, of course you need to find a host and buy a domain first. 

From my research I found out that Godaddy. com was the best for domain name, and for the hosting. Then again, they’re probably getting paid by the websites to promote them.  I decided to do everything on one website because, I’m just learning about website building, I honestly don’t want to complicate my life, and the price difference is not worth the extra hassle. 

You can fin a lot of videos on youtube, about building your own website using wordpress themes if you are interested. I learned that even uses wordpress themes! I find the hostgator website very slow, once you have registered your domain, and installed wordpress. Right now I’m exporting data from my blog to the website. I won’t start publishing on it until it’s completely ready… then I don’t know. I have to find out if I can migrate my followers because you guys are just amazing! 

I decided not to buy the domain from wordpress because from my point of view is spending money for nothing. You get to keep your followers, but to remove the advertising you have to pay them, and you can’t put your own advertising on it. (From what I understood, correct me if I’m wrong). For the moment, the whole set up is driving me crazy,  my patience is being tested but hard wok pays off, so hopefully the end result will be beautiful. 

I’m having problems with importing the files, I exported it from the blog, it’s actually pretty simple: On the Dashboard, it’s under tools and you click export and the file will download on your PC, 

To Import I’m suppose to do the same thing except that now, I chose Import, it prompted me to download a plug in I did. Now I’m suppose to upload the file…. (That’s where the bug is). I repeated step 1 again and I’m waiting. I’ll probably update you during the night if I don’t pass out from exhaustion. 


Cravings. blogging and life

The past 2 weeks have not been easy for me in term of dieting. I try to cook the most I can, but sometimes I’m to tired to cook or go to the groceries to buy more vegetable and we end up ordering. I lost .4 pounds this week, but it’s not enough. I should loose 1 to 2 pounds a week. Last week was very hard for me emotionally, I don’t know what’s going on with me, but my mood has been going down and my anxiety up. Thank god I I have WordPress to help me through the day. I’m going to Haiti in the next 2 weeks, I should feel better there. It’s spring though! I usually love spring, but I think my limited resources discourage me from getting out of the apartment.

My relationship with BF is steady, steady good. It helps me a lot because it’s one less thing I have to worry about. I think I’m getting tired of living with his sister though. She is nice and spontaneous, but he spontaneity turns often into irresponsibility and it annoys the crap out of me. Her life is not my business so I try my best not to care too much and get frustrated with her. My psychologist told me that I can’t be everybody’s superhero and some people don’t want help and are perfectly satisfied with where they are. Since I’ve been trying not to judge others, I take it with humility and compassion. I have accepted that each of us has his own rhythm and I can’t fore anybody to grow up.

I’m happy that I’m making my blog look more professional and organized. I’m an overachiever and I don’t think that’s gonna change, and I absolutely love doing it, mind as well use my talents in something I like. I’ve been thinking about buying a domain so I can have my own website, but I’m scared to loose my followers and to loose my passion for blogging if it becomes a job. I would also have to generate revenue out of it. Although it would be great to do that for a living! No need to go to the prison called office, working only for money. I guess I gave to do some more research to know how I can do it.

I’m also scared about loosing my anonymity, I share secrets on my blog that might affect other people I love. If my name gets out it might be devastating to them. I seem to have a gift for blogging, and I don’t want to loose greengrowsdark, you guys made me and this virtual community has helped me with too much, to leave like that. So do I do a greengrowsdark dot something, or do I create a new website with another name? What do you think? My blog’s name is weird but I love it. Its meaning is very complicated, the name came up to me while I was watching a documentary on being vegan and the green movement, I got all exited, decided to become vegetarian, then I watch another documentary talking about the dark sides of the green movements and how we grow vegetables. I consider plants as living organisms as well as animals, it would take me a whole other post to explain my point of view.

I really likes how green, which is suppose to good, can turn into something very bad. We are all filled with contradictions, and nothing is black or white. What we perceive as good could represent the devil for others. Is my explanation of greengrowsdark good enough? I have no idea, I’ll keep you updated. I just realized that it’s been 6 months since I first blogged, I have nearly 600 followers now and I’ve published more then 500 post! Not all of them are original of course, I don’t think I could write that much, but it’s still a lot. If I do create that website I’ll have to be more narrow in my subjects though… I don’t know if I can do that, I like to talk about so many different things. I have being fitted into a box. Oh well, there’s no rush. Let me know what you think!





My Writing Calendar





Mental Health









Foodie Friday







Major Depressive Disorder


Siblings Relationship








Generalized Anxiety Disorder


Long Term Relationships






Giving back


Bipolar Disorder


Maintaining Friendship








Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder








Non Judgment


Where I’m at with blogging

Blogging has became my favorite hobby , the more I write the more I need to post. So…I have another project! Am I doing too much? We’ll find out! I have to figure out a calendar of topics to write about every day. I would do that only on week days and every day would have a theme. Of course I want to keep on journaling, do my weight loss challenge and the AtoZ challenge. Planning  it will take time so I don’t know when I’m gonna start, but I need your ideas. The control freak in me wants to have an organized blog. 

I was thinking something like this: 

Monday: Relationships
Tuesday: Cooking 
Wed: Mental health
Thu: Society
Friday: Wellness

They are not definitive themes it’s just a draft, but I need you to let me know what you think. What can I do to improve my blog? I want to be able to catch a reader’s attention for more then one post. I’m going to continue also posting quotes, videos and pictures. The themes would only be an addition to my blog. I you know about a writing challenge for the month of may let me know! 


Bucket list #92- Write a list of 101 things I’ve already achieved

Since I’ve realized that I won’t sleep anytime soon, I figured why not complete one of my bucket list task. So here we go!

  1. I graduated high school
  2. I graduated college
  3. I’m in a stable relationship
  4. I’ve learned how to cook
  5. I have a blog that I love
  6. I’ve created a solid  support system
  7. I own a pet
  8. I took tennis lessons
  9. I took swimming lessons
  10. I’m a FLMI (Insurance title)
  11. I survived depression
  12. I’ve been a mentor
  13. I’ve quit a job after one week with no regrets
  14. I’ve learned to accept myself for who I am
  15. I’ve learned to present myself with confidence
  16. I’m not ashamed of my body anymore
  17. I’ve discovered my passion for writing
  18. I’ve decided that I want to be a psychologist
  19. I’ve learned how to speak in public
  20. I’ve learned to live mindfully
  21. I’m not ashamed anymore that I like to learn
  22. I’m not ashamed to be different
  23. I’ve shared my deepest secret ——–OMG its getting hard
  24. I’m more spiritual
  25. I’m on a journey of self improvement
  26. I’ve skipped grades
  27. I graduated on top of my class
  28. I went to Ecuador
  29. I speak English fluently
  30. I’ve gotten better in Spanish
  31. I’m not scared to say what I think
  32. I’m not ashamed anymore to be an introvert
  33. I’ve come to terms with my sexuality
  34. I forgave
  35. I’m happy
  36. I’ve listened to more then a 100 TED talks
  37. I decided to live close to my family
  38. I decided to stop judging others
  39. I’ve created my happiness rules 
  40. I thought Bf how to swim
  41. I’m finally serious about loosing weight
  42. I created my bucket list
  43. I started my quote collection
  44. I cleaned up my friend list ——–I don’t know how I’m gonna make it to 101
  45. I don’t care about facebook anymore
  46. I now cut my Bf some slack
  47. I wear my natural hair
  48. I can do my own taxes

I”m done…. I guess I’ll do the rest another day… It’s a mood booster though! Have you ever tried to do that? How did you feel ?


Quote of the day

” Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

This quote is so me 🙂