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F for food

F for Food! 

I can’t believe I spent so much time thinking about what I was gonna write about and the answer was right before me. Food! We have a complicated relationship, I love Food, but food doesn’t like me sometimes. Why? Because I get too much of it, when I feel sad, and it’s not healthy for our relationship. I’m working very hard on rebuilding our relationship,it’s hard, but it’s worth it. I’m trying to enjoy it more, go for more quality time and eat only a quantity I need.

Tire a l'érable, S. Green

Tire a l’érable, S. Green


1) I keep a food journal : As you know, I write on my blog every day what I ate during the day, it helps me stay on track. Seeing how many calories I put in my body everyday, I make better choices.

Desert, S. Green

Desert, S. Green


2) I prepare my own meals: Ordering food costs a lot, it’s very hard to control the portions and they are mostly fatty and sugary foods.

Entree, S. Green

Entree, S. Green


3) I look for new tasty recipes: It’s hard to eat healthy so it helps when the food taste good. So I try to have fun with it, and discover new flavors.

Appetizer, S. Green

Appetizer, S. Green

4) I reduce my portions: I eat in smaller plates when I don’t have salads for dinner, otherwise, I divide my plates in quarters, I put my salad in 2 quarters and the 2 others for meat and starch.

Dessert, S. Green

Dessert, S. Green


5) I avoid unnecessary calories: I think it’s what helps me the most. When I want to drink some coke or eat something sweet, I ask myself if it’s worth it. I do that also when they offer food or alcohol. I’m not a big fan of alcohol, I prefer water, so I choose water. 🙂

Orange, S.Green

Orange, S.Green

What do you do you do to have a healthy relationship with food? 


A to Z challenge-Bucket list (E) Elocution


Elocution, S.  Green

Elocution, S. Green

Like most of you know, I skipped a couple of grades in school, so I was most of my life being the youngest in my class. I was bullied, even though I didn’t know that was how it was called until I came to Canada, but as a result I was very shy and lacked self confidence.
In middle school and high school we always had presentations to do in front of the class. For my science classes I used to do fine because I was obsessed about science and I could speak my jargon without caring about the rest of the class understanding.
But for my language classes it was a whole other story, I would shiver at the though of reciting a poem, or reading one of my essays. Most of the time , the teacher would end up mocking me and the rest of the class would laugh at me, it was always a painful experience.
When I got to college I was more confident in my intellectual abilities and college culture encourages difference.  So I decided to put my fast learning skills to use and  learn the art of elocution.

Below are some tips I used to be better at speaking in public:

1- Master your topic , the more knowledge you have, the more confident you will be.

2-Practice, Practice, Practice! In front of the mirror, at loud, record yourself, ask for feedback, research words you don’t know etc.

3- Focus on the people that seem to enjoy your talk, it boosts your confidence.

4-If you forget your words, just take a quick break, take a deep breath, smile and go on with your speech.

5-Remember we are our worst critics, so be compassionate towards yourself,what matters is that you did your best.


Have you ever struggled with public speaking? Are you an introvert? Do you have some tips you want to share? 

Where you ever bullied? How did that affect you? 

Please comment!

S. Green 

A to Z Challenge/ Bucket list (D) Denial

I think I just like making my life harder, but I guess it’s a good thing when I’m doing stuff I like. I could not find a way to take a picture of Denial, so I decided to draw it. Here’s the result!

Mr. Denial by S. Green

Mr. Denial by S. Green


“you can’t get away from yourself by moving from one place to another.”
― Ernest HemingwayThe Sun Also Rises

Well all have been in denial at some point in life, sometimes the truth is too scary to face, sometimes we thank we are doing it for the right reason but the truth always come back to hunt us. I, myself have been in denial about some aspects of my life and depression actually helped me face them and heal from it.

-Being abused: It took me 10 years before admitting that I needed to take care of the PTSD caused by being abused as a child. Accepting it, talking about it and forgiving has been the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.

-Being obese: I think it’s the first time that I’m really facing my weight as a problem, and taking care of it from a psychological stand point. It’s really hard to admit to yourself that you are obese, the word still scares me. But now, there is no more excuses, I need to live a healthy life.

Being an artist: I always thought I was a math person, and that identity went well for me. I was always scared to express myself by using arts, I new I liked writing, but I never thought I was good at it. The same goes for painting, it’s only now that I’m starting to get confident, and think that maybe it’s a plausible avenue for my future.

Have you ever been in denial of something? What was it? What made you face the truth? 



Bucket list #92- Write a list of 101 things I’ve already achieved

Since I’ve realized that I won’t sleep anytime soon, I figured why not complete one of my bucket list task. So here we go!

  1. I graduated high school
  2. I graduated college
  3. I’m in a stable relationship
  4. I’ve learned how to cook
  5. I have a blog that I love
  6. I’ve created a solid  support system
  7. I own a pet
  8. I took tennis lessons
  9. I took swimming lessons
  10. I’m a FLMI (Insurance title)
  11. I survived depression
  12. I’ve been a mentor
  13. I’ve quit a job after one week with no regrets
  14. I’ve learned to accept myself for who I am
  15. I’ve learned to present myself with confidence
  16. I’m not ashamed of my body anymore
  17. I’ve discovered my passion for writing
  18. I’ve decided that I want to be a psychologist
  19. I’ve learned how to speak in public
  20. I’ve learned to live mindfully
  21. I’m not ashamed anymore that I like to learn
  22. I’m not ashamed to be different
  23. I’ve shared my deepest secret ——–OMG its getting hard
  24. I’m more spiritual
  25. I’m on a journey of self improvement
  26. I’ve skipped grades
  27. I graduated on top of my class
  28. I went to Ecuador
  29. I speak English fluently
  30. I’ve gotten better in Spanish
  31. I’m not scared to say what I think
  32. I’m not ashamed anymore to be an introvert
  33. I’ve come to terms with my sexuality
  34. I forgave
  35. I’m happy
  36. I’ve listened to more then a 100 TED talks
  37. I decided to live close to my family
  38. I decided to stop judging others
  39. I’ve created my happiness rules 
  40. I thought Bf how to swim
  41. I’m finally serious about loosing weight
  42. I created my bucket list
  43. I started my quote collection
  44. I cleaned up my friend list ——–I don’t know how I’m gonna make it to 101
  45. I don’t care about facebook anymore
  46. I now cut my Bf some slack
  47. I wear my natural hair
  48. I can do my own taxes

I”m done…. I guess I’ll do the rest another day… It’s a mood booster though! Have you ever tried to do that? How did you feel ?


A to Z challenge/ Bucket list (C) Colors

I’ve been thinking all day for the word starting with a C, and I was doing the laundry and I realized how much I love colors. It’s so obvious to me now… I painted my bathroom yellow (a shade of yellow), it was scary but fun! The topic of the day is how fashion affects my color choices.



Makes me happy I love wearing it in the beginning of spring, when the sun is shining and I know I getting warmer. When I wear yellow, I’m always in a good mood, and it compliments my skin very well. I also love yellow handbags, it’s such a happy color!


Makes me feel pretty, when I want to feel girly in cute, I go for pink. I like pink accessories. My phone cover is fushia, my wallet is coral. I wear pink more during the day, I guess it’s normal. (Pink includes : fushia, salmon, coral etc..).


I wear black when I feel down and I don’t wanna think about matching my clothes or I don’t want to be bothered. I wear it at night when I wanna feel sophisticated, it allows me to wear big jewelry without looking tacky.


I’m always scared to wear white, because I’m very clumsy. But it feels good to wear it when it’s hot, I wear white a lot in Haiti because of the weather and because I have someone who washes my clothes for me and she does it very well.


I wear purple whenever, I just love that color. I have a lot of purple T shirts it’s my go to color.


I hate brown clothes, but I love brown accessories. This winter I craved for brown leather boots, I also love brown handbags, or shoes. I tend to choose light brown over dark brown.

Beige and cream

Good color for capris and shorts. During the summer they’re fantastic to wear. Beige and cream leather accessories look classy and expensive.


I barely wear blue, it reminds me too much of  uniforms.


I almost never wear red. Except for my red trench coat, I love it! I feel like a lady when I wear it.


What’s your favorite color? Why? 

AtoZ Challenge/ Bucket list (B) Books



I had no idea I was gonna write about books for the letter B. But I went to the book store today, because it was beautiful outside and I love being surrounded by them.  I never buy anything over there, except for journals, I can’t help myself, I just love the idea of blank books. I’m young but I still can’t get used to E Books, I like the smell, the touch, the whole experience of reading a real book. I have read hundreds of books, and I don’t remember all of them, but some stayed in my mind because I could not stop reading before the end. Most of them are dark, because I love to read about other peoples struggles, I have an eclectic taste but I tend to go towards stories that are close to reality.

1- Harry Potter Series- J.K Rowling

2-The kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid suns- Khaled Hosseini

3- Married By Force- Leila

4-Sold: Story of Modern-day Slavery- Zana Muhsen 

5-Veronika decides to die – Paulo Coelho 

6- The Happiness Project- Gretchen Rubin 

7- And Then There Were None- Agatha Christie


After I read The Happiness  Project, I realized that I also enjoy reading people’s happy stories. I use to keep the “Happy” for fiction, but maybe it’s time for me to read more delightfully happy non-fiction. I highly recommend this book because it’s modern, light and it makes you want to feel happy!


A to z challenge (A)/ Bucket list- Animal

Of course I’m starting this challenge with the word ANIMAL! 


I’m going to share with you lessons that I’ve learned from my favorite Animal, Jack!

1- Be resilient

When you fall on your face (he literally does), get back up and jump again! I don’t know how many times Jack has tried to jump with one of his toys (not all were given to him), twice his size usually he falls, but then he gets back up, tries another angle and jump again. Wouldn’t it be great if we acted like that in the face of failure?

2- Share your love 

Express affection, to the ones you love. Don’t be scare to make them feel special. There is no way to stay mad when Jack is jumping around because he’s happy to see you. Sharing your love with others can only have good repercussions.

3-Never refuse love

Never turn down acts of love. He’s always up for cuddling, when he gets tired he just goes away. But he always take a little bit of love from others.

4-Appreciate the small things in life 

Jack is an expert in that matter. It doesn’t take him much to be happy. A new gift, a trip to the garage to go take out the trash makes his day. We should appreciate more these little moments of joy.

5- Be brave 

Jack is a Shi Tzu, but he is not scared of big dogs. Sometimes I’m scared for him, but most of the time after showing his bravery, the big dogs befriend him. Jack think he can fly, he’s always jumping, for such a small dog you would think he’d be scared of falling, but he play on is strength and agility. Sometimes we should forget that we are small, be brave and take calculated risks.


Bucket List # 86 Get a notebook and keep track of quotations I love


My boyfriend gave me a new notebook he got at his job. He knows I love notebooks and journals. I decided to use this one to collect quotes. I have the 10 first pages completed, each page with a different color, it’s fun to do, and I just had to go to my ”quote” category on mt blog to find them :). I like it when I’m organized 🙂



Bucket list # 13 Complete a coloring book

Bucket list # 13 Complete a coloring book

Yesterday I went to the store and bought a coloring calendar. When I finish coloring all the pages, I will give it to my little niece to put in her room 🙂 . Coloring actually takes a lot of patience, but it’s fun 🙂 I’m glad I made that bucket list. 🙂

Bucket list #40 Discover some new podcasts to listen to


It’s been a while since I’ve listened to any podcast. I rather watch videos on Youtube, but for the sake of my Bucket list I’m gonna look some up. I’m gonna look for podcast that are 20 minutes or less. ( I find them on Itunes.) 

  1.  15 minutes of wellness : The name explains itself. I’m listening to the 1st episode. It’s about adopting a healthy lifestyle and loose weight. They give great advises, I didn’t like the voice of the host at first, but I like the energy of the guest, and I actually wanted to listen for more. So I recommend it. 
  2. The Savvy psychologist’s quick and dirty tips for better mental health: Again, pretty self explanatory. The first episode is how to ask for help. I really like how she gives scientific reason to act as she recommends. I recommend it, but there are not a lot of episodes.
  3. The lively show (oops 45 minutes): This one is about blogging and other aspects of life. Th host is very energetic. Since we are all bloggers, I think this one will interest me. It’s a 45 minutes show though, it might be god to listen while cooking(don’t burn yourselves!), or driving.