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Addressing Violence Against Women Globally | Cindy Dyer | TEDxSMU

I haven’t experience domestic violence personally, but I know people around me who has. What upset me the most is when I hear people say that the woman knew what she was getting herself into, or that if she wanted  she could have left him. I’ve experienced a situation where the man was holding his wife at gun point calling her all kinds of names, the woman called her in-laws who lived near her, and they said that they were not gonna get involved…….

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Female Sexual Shame Hurts Us All | Jennifer Gunsaullus

Have you ever felt ashamed by your sexuality ? I know I’ve often felt shame from liking sex too much or talking about it too much.  I used to  a very bad relationship with sex, probably because of my history of abuse, where I would use my sexuality to make man suffer, in my own way.

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I needed a good cry

Question for you

What are your definition of a successful life?

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Being an Open Book | Cosette Haugen | TEDxSemesterAtSea

A talk about being open about your mental illness, please let me know what you think, by commenting on the website.




DIY Sideboard transformation

Pictures of how I transform and old Sideboard