In a relationship with AHDH 101


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  1. hey
    great post. just recently found my daughter is ADD, and have always wondered if she might be dyslexic (still think she might be, just a bit). she is 15 and a sophomore, and although she has always loved school, learning, socializing and being active, she has never been particularly great at her grades. i have seen all the symptoms you have described all her life, and helped her make routines, helped her learn to sit still, have boundaries, etc. but now I finally understand what those things i always saw were from, and now we are working on tweaking meds, and she is shocked to find out that she can do most of the things other kids always seemed to do so easily…and she is pleased to learn that she really can learn, and that she isn’t as stupid as she felt.

    im just so glad you shared this, and hope it helps someone else other than me too. everything you said and described makes so much sense now that we knows its called ADD.

    • I know right! Just knowing changes a lot! I’m happy for your daughter. My psychologist told me that the meds make a big difference when they work. Like you said, being able to do things that was so hard to do before. You are a great mom! She’s lucky to have you looking out for her, keeping her on track, I know it can be hard and it requires patience and consistency! koodos! 🙂

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