Q for …Quality time

I’m sick, so I’m not inspired at all. I think I have the flu. I didn’t take the flu vaccine this year and I have asthma. I think I’ve been paying for it all winter.
Today bf is off today, so we were  suppose to have some quality time together. I guess we wont.. We’re watching TV. I usually lay down on him but I don’t want him to catch it. My sister in law works at a homeless shelter, and she caught the flu a month ago. Every time she beats it she catches it again. Maybe the government should give free flu shots for people under the poverty line. I know it’s free for the ones who have health problems,but I don’t know about the homeless.. hhum

Let’s go back to quality time? What’s your idea of quality. Time?


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  1. Poor thing! I hope you get well soon.
    Quality: hmmm … to me, it means something “special”, not necessarily expensive; it means an experience I’ll remember. It doesn’t even have to be extraordinary, just distinctive. So quality time in front of the TV, for me, means i’m not multitasking (playing a game, checking my emails) but concentrating on something I’m enjoying. Quality food is good food enjoyed at the table, slowly. Quality clothes are comfortable, stylish, and last! (And, I trust, aren’t made using slave labour.)
    BTW I’m with you on flu vaccines for those on or below the poverty line. I’m sorry, I can’t remember which country you live in, but in Australia it would make good sense, as people who end up with the flu who can’t afford other care will end up in the emergency rooms of public hospitals. Perhaps where you live the system is different, so it wouldn’t make economic sense for your government.
    Pity governments seem to think they exist for some purpose other than to serve the people …

  2. Feel better! I would say just enjoying the presence of the other person.

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