O for order, organizing… and ADHD


Organizing… and ADHD


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I’m not the lady in the picture.  Far from it, I’m very messy. My room looks more like that.

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When I clean finally clean my room it’s usually spotless. Because I’m an overachiever even in cleaning. It’s stays like that for a couple of days.

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However, when it comes to anything written, I’m a great organizer. I need order in my life, I file my papers, use an agenda, and I’m always planning something. I’m flexible though, let’s c usually when I’m planning something, I have plan A to D, sometimes more.  I usually use my journals as Agendas, because It gives me more space to do whatever I want in them, and since my pans are usually date specific, it doesn’t matter. I don’t plan my daily activities, although I should. I’m more of a long term planner.



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Do you know what I like to do more than organizing my life? Organizing other people’s life. I’m always looking for ways to work better, faster, because I hate wasting my times. (At least I use to when I use to work). So I would create all these organizing tools and share with my coworkers, so we didn’t waste time on paperwork. It wasn’t appreciated everywhere. I do that for my friends too… when the get confused about what they want to do in life, I help them put it on paper so they are able to choose rationally what works for them.

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My boyfriend is the worse at planning. Because he has ADHD it’s very difficult for him to focus. He only got diagnosed last year, he had no idea. They made him think he was dumb for years although he’s brilliant. (When a subject interests him. )What I’ve realized is that there is no point of expecting him to plan anything related to our relationship because i’d likely be disappointed. So I do it my self. I’ve come to learn how he functions, and understand his learning style (I did a lot of research about that). He is good with routine, he has established a routine in his life and he need his personal idem organized or he gets lost of frustrated. He has a bit of dyslexia also, so it’s harder for him to focus at work.

From times to times, about every three months or so, when he asks, I help him organize his days and develop a pattern for work. He’s in sales, and he has a talent for bringing people in. If only he could stay organized and not get lost or loose focus he would excel at it. It’s very hard to do that though in a world that only understand one type of intelligence. He tries very hard, and he’s been working where he is for 2 years now, that’s a record for him. I think he finally realized that working in sales is a perfectly suitable job. Of course his parents bothers him, about not working in the fields he studied, but to what end? To be bored in unproductive? To have a job title that doesn’t mean anything to him?

ADHD in adults is often misunderstood. It’s not easy living with someone who has it, it can get really frustrating, but I’ve learned to use his strengths for the better. So he does the physical organizing, and I do the life organization. I still push him from time to times to try to focus and do some written activities like his taxes. It took us a lot of time because I had to bring his focus back to it often , but I helped him and he was happy he did it.  I don’t think anyone should feel dumb because they learn differently, it would be more beneficial to the world if we used our differences to grow.

I’ve written double of the word  restriction for the challenge so I’ll stop now.




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  1. my teen daughter has just been dxd as ADD, and we are working on tweaking the meds still. i always was aware she had difficulty focusing or staying on one thing very long, so i have spent years trying to get her to create routines and to plan it with when she is full of energy and focus as well as planning other things for when she is more distracted and tired. i think all my work on that is what kept us from getting the dx sooner! but hopefully now, she can be more functional as an adult, with meds and structure/routine.

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