Hey, It’s Not About You: Skyler McCurine

Skyler McCurine, is redefining the standard of beauty in America. As a personal stylist, public speaker, wonder woman and founder of Le Red Balloon, she is educating young women on the media’s impact on their perception of their self, their bodies, and the world. Skyler reminds her clients that they are beautiful, just as they are, not after 20 pounds or after a new wardrobe, but just as they are, today. Her unique blend of humor, compassion, and gumption truly set her and her business apart. Driven by the lackluster stereotypical portrayal of women in the media, she leads workshops for teenage girls and professional women around conscious media consumption, leadership, self-acceptance, personal branding, and of course, style. When Skyler is not busy trying to change the world, she is brazenly venturing through it, getting lost in the beauty, and leaving a trail of red balloons behind her. She enjoys jazz, decoupaging, laughter, bare feet and occasionally indulges in copious amounts of champagne.


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