J for Joy


This is what happiness looks like!

Because our brains are more complicated then Jack’s it’s very hard to attain “Jack’s Happiness”. But we can collect little moments of Joy. Here are my favorite moments of joy.

1) Playing or cuddling with Jack: Jack is always happy! When he runs around and gives me kisses, there’s nothing better to make me feel loved and happy.

2) Quality time with my boyfriend: When I’m with him I feel good and safe. We are very good friends so we laugh all the time, I spend my weeks waiting for the weekend so we can spend more time together

3) Cooking: I hate cooking for myself. But when I cook for other people I put my heart into it and I create new recipes.

4) Dates with one of my girlfriends: I’m not very good with groups, but spending time with just one of my friends is satisfying.

5) Skyping with my best friend : This is one of my favorite moments of joy. It happens very rarely, because it’s hard to find a good moment for us to talk in private. I love her to death, she was my only true friend at school, and she loved me as I was. When I talk to her, I can be completely myself and we just get each other.


Do you have Joyful moments? What are they?



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