Can’t sleep

I think I made a stupid mistake and I can’t take it back….I took  an emotional decision, that might eventually make me happy. But will ruin for sure one of my projects. I have to wait to know what’s gonna happen, but I’m scared out of my mind. I’m pretty rational , why did I do that? Oh god…

I need you guys to pray for me because I need some light… I  miss the times I knew exactly what I wanted in life, now I feel l’m just floating. I’m happier, but I’m not going anywhere… I’m sad right now…and scared, my life has been on pause for a year and now that it might start again I make a very bad choice! I hope it doesn’t turn out as it’s suppose to… Or I screwed myself over.

I’m gonna pray god so he can show me the path he wants me to follow, because I’m human and he has guided me through darkness before and kept me alive. Whatever happens I will accept his choice and I’ll go with it… I don’t know why the pieces of my life puzzle are falling as such, and I have to improvise as they come. Everything happens for a reason so I will try to keep my trust in him.

It’s unlike me to talk about faith in public, because I’m struggling with it and I don’t usually share theories I don’t fully embrace. I don’t want to believe that we’re alone, struggling through life. I want to believe that I have a purpose, and I might not know it yet… but someone is looking after me.



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  1. I’m sure Someone is looking after you! And that He will see you through this.

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