H for Haiti

Reasons to visit Haiti 

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1) The beaches

They are beautiful! Depending of what part of the country you visit, you have a different experience with the water.  If you like waves, you must visit the south, If you prefer calm water, the north and the center are for you. There is no better place to eat some fresh sea food, in the private beaches they are made in their restaurants, or you can buy directly from the fishermen.

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2) The food

Because we were colonized by many different countries, we offer a large range of culinary experience. You will find French inspired food, Mediterranean food, African inspired food and of course typical Haitian food. If you want to have a luxurious experience, there are plenty high end restaurants in Petion-Ville . It is not recommended to buy food on the street (although they’re delicious) but you can find small restaurants where they sell street food made in better sanitary conditions.



3) The people 

Haitians are very welcoming, they are proud of their country and they’re happy to show it to others. Even the poorest are always smiling, singing laughing and talking is in our culture. Everybody thinks they’re responsible for you well being, it can be overwhelming at first but then it grows on you. If you really want to feel how Haitians party, come to the carnivals, in February or July.

fillette women

4) The historical sites

There are plenty of historical sites in Haiti to visit. The Citadel Henry is the most popular site. All around the country you will find forts that are worth visiting. Around the sites you usually find artisans and you can buy souvenirs or paintings.

palais sans soucis citadelle

5) The natural sites

If you want to do some eco tourism, Haiti is the place to go. You can visit the caves, a lot of them have artifacts from the Amerindian era. You can also bathe under the many waterfalls and enjoy hiking in the mountains. One of my favorite things when I was Little was to go horseback riding in the mountains and pick blackberries.



waterfall cave


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  1. Wow, beautiful! I’d love to visit one day. xx

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