F for food

F for Food! 

I can’t believe I spent so much time thinking about what I was gonna write about and the answer was right before me. Food! We have a complicated relationship, I love Food, but food doesn’t like me sometimes. Why? Because I get too much of it, when I feel sad, and it’s not healthy for our relationship. I’m working very hard on rebuilding our relationship,it’s hard, but it’s worth it. I’m trying to enjoy it more, go for more quality time and eat only a quantity I need.

Tire a l'érable, S. Green

Tire a l’érable, S. Green


1) I keep a food journal : As you know, I write on my blog every day what I ate during the day, it helps me stay on track. Seeing how many calories I put in my body everyday, I make better choices.

Desert, S. Green

Desert, S. Green


2) I prepare my own meals: Ordering food costs a lot, it’s very hard to control the portions and they are mostly fatty and sugary foods.

Entree, S. Green

Entree, S. Green


3) I look for new tasty recipes: It’s hard to eat healthy so it helps when the food taste good. So I try to have fun with it, and discover new flavors.

Appetizer, S. Green

Appetizer, S. Green

4) I reduce my portions: I eat in smaller plates when I don’t have salads for dinner, otherwise, I divide my plates in quarters, I put my salad in 2 quarters and the 2 others for meat and starch.

Dessert, S. Green

Dessert, S. Green


5) I avoid unnecessary calories: I think it’s what helps me the most. When I want to drink some coke or eat something sweet, I ask myself if it’s worth it. I do that also when they offer food or alcohol. I’m not a big fan of alcohol, I prefer water, so I choose water. 🙂

Orange, S.Green

Orange, S.Green

What do you do you do to have a healthy relationship with food? 


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  1. I’m not so healthy I’m afraid – but I do try. Nice to follow and connect http://aimingforapublishingdeal.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. Just 1 word. YUMMY.

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