Weight loss plan (Revisited)


I had a test run this week and I realized that I can start my project with a lower calorie intake per day. So I’m modifying my plan to adapt it to the results of the test run. 

Phase 1 (April-July) : Lifestyle change 

By the end of phase 1 I expect to loose 20 pounds. I will weight in once a week, on Mondays. By setting attainable weekly goals I hope I will be able go achieve my goal. I’m using a modified food pyramid made for people with diabetes. 

April : Remove fast food and Coca Cola from my diet. I’ll be allowed 1 cheat day per week. I also have to update my food journal (on the blog) daily. Try to stay under 2000 calories a day.Stay under 1500 calories a day

Week 1: No Coca Cola or any other soft drink

Week 2: Reduce sugar to 50 grams a day (recommended daily amount), replace white sugar with brown sugar

Week 3: Reduce bread to  2 slices 1 slice     of bread per day. Eat no more than 1 cup or starch per day

Week 4: Remove peanut butter from diet Max (once a week).  Switch to natural peanut butter, twice a week maximum


May: Add exercise to my routine. Cheat day only twice a month. 

Week 1:  30 minutes of exercise (cardio) 3 times a week

Week 2: 30 minutes of exercise (cardio) 5 times a week

Week 3: 30 minutes cardio + 30 minutes yoga or Pilate 3 times a week

Week 4: 30 minutes of cardio +30 minutes of yoga or Pilate 5 times a week.


June: Reduce calorie intake to 1500  1200 ,  lower the amount of starch per week, control protein portion. No more cheat day.

Week 1: No starch more than 3 times a week for dinner (including cheat day)1 slice of bread maximum  Bread twice a week maximum

Week 2: Starch reduce to twice a week. No more bread Bread once a week

Week 3: Starch once a week, no more bread 

Week 4: No more cheat day. Get rid of  sweets completely (Except for my morning coffee). 


I will keep on modifying it to adapt it to my lifestyle and to my pace, what’s important is that I have a written plan that I actually follow. 

Wish me luck my loves !


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