Self care day

This morning I had a fight with Bf, nothing important but I decided to threat myself. I looked up some masks online to clean my face and make my hair shiny, since I’m very bad at following recipes I twisted them a little.

Face Scrub:   

I used Brown sugar and lemon, too transform into a paste, since I the brown sugar I had was an expensive one I mixed it with white sugar to make it more consistent. I scrubbed my face with it, in circular motions, then I did the same for my lips. I used a toothbrush on my lips because I wanted to remove all the flakes.


Face mask: 

It’s currently on my face right now, I used egg white, I whisked it until it becomes like a mousse. Then I applied it in my face. I also put honey on my lips.

Hair mask: 


I used the egg yolk to make myself an hair mask, I mixed it with honey and olive oil, I did not measure the quantities, I just eye balled it. I braided my hair in about 6 portions and I applied it over my hair. I’m gonna wait until my face mask dries to wash it. I”m gonna go in the shower and wash it off. I’ll shave and use the rest of the face scrub to my body before shaving. The idea just came up 🙂 , not waste Hehe.


Face toner: 

I will tone my face with apple cider vinegar and water concoction.



I’m gonna go wash my hair now. I highly recommend that give yourself this little pleasure when you feel low.



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  1. glad you had a nice ‘me’ day 🙂

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