Life update

I haven’t written for a while about my mental health. I’m doing good, my mood has been stable for about two months now. I’ve had lows, but I’m able to get out of  it after a couple of hours. I think I’m not depressed anymore. I scared to say it so I don’t jinx it. You don’t get cured from most mental illness you are in recovery. So I’m recovered. I’m gonna continue working on myself and hopefully I won’t relapse. As you know I’m starting my weight loss challenge officially on April 1st. I’m doing a test run and it’s going pretty well, I’m really learning about my eating habits.

I’ve been meditating a lot more, it helps me sleep. I use to do guided meditations but now I’m trying to do them by myself. Being mindful and respecting my rules of happiness, and others tips I’ve gathered so I can have a better life. Jack has been a HUGE part of my recovery and he continues to be my #1 supporter. Knowing that I’m the most important person in his word is wonderful. I love him! He went to get his vaccines today, he behaved well, people always tell me how much of a good dog he is, I guess he only likes to destroy my stuff lol .. Although he is a compliant dog….compliant but hard headed, he only listens to me. (I kinda like that lol )

I’m going to stop talking about him, because I could go for days. My aunt told me today I should just have a child and get it over with.Not ready for that, Jack is enough. Something that really helped my recovery is  socializing, I started with seeing just one friend at a time, now I’m getting comfortable in more public settings, of course I always have an exit plan, and I feel more secure when I’m with Bf, but it’s way better than spending my life in a room. I’m happy to see the sun, sadly sun doesn’t mean heat in Canada. My relationship with Bf has been great too, I cut him some slack, and I don’t expect him to be my everything, because he can’t be. I still have some issues concerning our lack of common interest but I realized that the cold is not helping. Because when It’s hot outside we actually do stuff together. Our 2 years in Haiti are gonna be fun I hope! We’re gonna have more money also so it will remove the economical stress off the relationship.

I need to Skype with my best friend, I think she needs me, she’s not the kind to ask for help and she actually did this time, but it’s so hard to find alone time to talk to her. I don’t like talking to her when Bf is around, and he’s always around. That girl is my sister, we haven’t seen each other for years, and I don’t know what I would do to spend some time with her, but we don’t live in the same country and it’s hard for her to travel. I should be the one going over there, but every time I get the chance to travel I go to Haiti, that’s where my mom is and she pays for the trips. I’m getting sleepy now, Bf is sleeping on the couch, he went to watch TV and of course he fell asleep, I don’t feel like waking him up, I like having the bed for myself sometimes, maybe around 1 AM I’ll wake him up so he can come to bed. I’m gonna let you go with a picture of my baby.




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