Food Journal (Test run 8)


-Coffee:16 calories

-Sugar:48 calories

-Bread: 85 calories

-Peanut Butter: 49 calories

Total: 198 calories



-Orange: 47 calories

-Apple: 80 calories

Total: 127 calories



-Chicken bacon ranch :  670 calories

-Coke : 310 calories

-Cookies: 430 calories

Total: 1410 calories

TOTAL : 1735 calories 


I exceeded my daily calorie intake because I went to subway. I feel like trowing up, I might have eaten too much, maybe my stomach is getting use to smaller portions. I definitely need  to eat more for breakfast and less for dinner. I’m happy that I actually ate fruits. I also did some physical activities today, around 25 minutes walk. This morning I walk back home with Jack after his veterinarian appointment. Then I went to visit my cousin with Bf, we thought it was a 4 minutes walk, but it was 10 minutes. It’s gonna be very cold tomorrow so I don’t think I’ll walk. The goal for tomorrow is still 1500. I have to reach it so I can keep it up during the month of April and do the different challenges.


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