Food Journal (Test run 7)





-Coffee: 16 calories 

-Sugar: 48 calories 

-Bread: 170 calories 

-Peanut butter: 98 calories 

-Apple: 80 calories

Total: 412 calories 




-Salmon tartar: 370 calories 

-Cucumber: 16 calories 

-Roasted Potatoes: 203 calories 

-Tea: 48 calories 

Total: 637 calories 

TOTAL: 1049 calories 

Yay! I can have a piece of chocolate tonight :). The Tartar was delicious, I made it :). I’m starting to love cooking again. 🙂 It’s Bf’s birthday’s on Friday, maybe I’ll cook for him, he likes it when I do. Maybe a party on Saturday, we should socialize more, we used to be very social once. Anyways, my goal for tomorrow is 1500 calories.



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  1. you are doing exceptionally well! i am soo impressed-keep it up 🙂

  2. Thank you! I can’t wait for you to start!

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