Food Journal (test run 6)

Hey my loves! I actually lost 3 pounds last week! And I ate Pizza and fried chicken. I’m a week away from officially starting my weight loss challenge. I think I’m gonna make it this time…So now… what I ate today:



-Bread: 170 calories 

-Peanut butter: 98 calories 

-Coffee:16 calories 

-Sugar: 48 calories 

Total : 332 calories 




-Rice: 360 calories 

-Pork: 311 calories 

-Quinoa cookie : 170 calories 

Total: 841 calories 





-Tea: 48 calories 

-Bread: 85 calories 

-Peanut butter: 98 calories 

Total: 231 calories 

TOTAL: 1404 calories

I’ve met my goal :). I didn’t do any physical activity though. I caught a cold, AGAIN! Anyways, I bought the Quinoa cookies last week and they’re surprisingly good. They come in individual packages, it really keeps me  from eating too much of them. So tomorrow’s goal is 1500 calories!


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  1. youre doing super!

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