What I ate today!

Spent a day at A today, and she cooked for me. She made waffles from scratch, it was delicious! We had a very good time. I was happy to spend time with her. So now let’s see if A is contributing on making me fat lol.



-Waffles : 436 calories

-Chocolate sauce: 90 calories

-Strawberries: 15 calories

-Cream: 50 calories

-Expresso: 100 calories

-Total: 691 calories 



-Rice: 205 calories

-Broccoli : 27 calories

-Chicken breast: 141 calories

-Maple syrup: 52 calories

Total:425 Calories 

TOTAL: 1116 Calories 

I can’t believe it! I guess eating a proper breakfast really helps eating less during the day. Now I’m back home with BF. Jack went to A. with me, he was so happy! He really likes her, and he has toys over there. I’m a little hungry right now, I’m gonna try to resist, if I can’t I’ll eat something light. The challenge for tomorrow is to eat less than 1800 calories. I don’t want to put it to low, because I’m looking for a long term change. It will be slower, but I will be healthier.



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  1. Those waffles look delicious! I always find that if I eat a nice, satisfying breakfast I’m much less likely to pick at things and make poor food choices for the rest of the day. And I really like how you’re not wanting to get your calories too low! That’s the way to do it girl 🙂

  2. Looks so yummy and totally agree with the reasonable calorie count. Looks like you and pooch had an amazing day:)

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