Food Journal (Test run 2)

Day 2 of the test run! Here’s what I ate:


-Waffles: 760 calories

-Syrup: 210 calories

-Butter: 72 calories

Total: 1042 Calories

OMG this is just too much for one meal! Damn Waffles! They’re so good!


-Pita: 360 calories

-Mayo: 100 calories

-Tomato: 26 calories

-Lettuce: 10 calories

-Chicken:300 calories

-Oil: 120 calories

Total: 950 calories

It was a pretty healthy meal but the tortilla bread are just too high. I definitely to cut my starch intake.

Total: 1992 calories 

OMG I made it! I’m so happy! I was gonna eat some brownies, but I only have 8 calories left for the day, so no brownies! That food Journal thing is working. I also did more exercise, not formally but I played with Jack a lot today and I danced. I feel good today, I washed my hair, shaved while listening to music, then I cooked, watched American Idol. So I’m gonna try tomorrow to get to 1800 calories.


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  1. Kudos! Way to go!

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