I need to start packing !

All I’ve been doing in Canada since I came is sleep and blog. I need to start packing! I’m moving in 2 weeks to Haiti and I have no idea what to bring, I sorted my clothes, at least this is done, I just need to bring the ones I don’t want to the thrift shop. Most of them are in perfect quality, they just don’t fit anymore. Before I went on sick live at my job, I shopped a lot for corporate clothes, it’s been a year now and I’ve gained a lot of weight. I’m mostly worried about my artwork, I have so many paintings, I’m probably gonna leave some more clothes so I can bring them. I’ll have to donate most of my books too.. They are too heavy. If I fly first class I’ll be allowed 3 luggage but even then I don’t know if it will be enough. My mom told me I should buy Jack a suit to wear to first class. Lol. She finds it funny that I’m asking her to pay first class for a dog lol.  There is not a big difference between the price of coach and business in the dates  I want to fly on. So hopeful my dear mother won’t mind paying it for me. 

I really need a job! I’ve been looking for an online Masters I could do while I’m in Haiti, just for the sake of having a Masters, I love studying, university is fairly cheap in Canada so why not? I just filled one bag 🙂 yay! 42 pounds. 2 more to go, I’ll do them next week.For some reason, Jack decided to stop using his pipi pad, it’s driving me crazy! I wonder if someone punished him, and that’s why he’s been hiding his…. I’m not having a good time with that…I accidentally put i’m foot over his  poop twice and I  was barefooted. ….

Then end..lol



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  1. if you have the ESA letter from your doc saying you need your dog as support, then the dog flies for free. he just has to sit at your feet. if you have the letter, do not pay for a seat –and i don’t even think they will sell a seat to a dog, will they? pet dogs need to be kenneled and put in the cargo hold.

    not trying to be bossy, just trying to help. sorry if it came off wrong!

  2. Hahaha you’re not bossy I’m exactly the same! Still waiting for the letter I’m getting it on thursday I think. I love the fact that you care so please keep on commenting!

  3. Hopefully Jack won’t have any first class poo poo’s…I wish you well in your new adventure you are about to partake on. Haiti is not the first place I would think of in terms of finding gainful employment, I wish you well, stay safe in your travels, study up on your french.

    • LMAOO!! He will be in his crate lol . It will be fairly easy to find a job over there because they desperately need young adults with higher education, already went to an interview, waiting for an answer. The salary will be slightly lower but I wont have any bills to pay. Btw my first language is french 😉 . Tnx for the wishes !

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