Food Journal (test run 1)

I’m gonna start recording what I eat before April 1st so I get used to it but the time I really start my challenge.

So Thursday March 19th :



-2 bagels + cream cheese = 708 calories (OMG! I didn’t know it was that much !)

-4 cups of coffee 4 t spoons of sugar = 72 calories (ohhh dear!! )

Total= 780 calories



-Chicken thigh and leg = 346 calories

-Fries = 380  calories

-Coke= 140 calories

-3 Chocolate lindor = 660 calories

Total= 1526 calories

Total for the day : 2306 calories 

I didn’t feel like I ate much today but I ate 300 calories more then the recommended amount. I’m gonna try to stay under 2000 tomorrow, we’ll see how it goes. Let me add another challenge for tomorrow, 15 minutes of physical activities. 

Wish me luck people!




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  1. luck! im gonna be starting on a diet plan soon too, and it says i can only have 1200 calories a day (eek!) but i might bump that up to 1500. i dont want to be hungry all the time!

    • 1200 is intense! Check how much you eat on a regular day first..I don’t want to be hungry at all but I probably will lool. Good luck…If you like fruits, eat grapes when you’re hungry , it use to help me fight hunger !

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