When weight becomes a matter of life or death

I just weighted myself today, and I decided that it was really time for me to do something about my weight. Not because I want to feel sexy or comfortable in my body (these are extra credits), but because there is a high possibility that I die very young if I continue in the pace I am. I have too many genetic predispositions to develop fatal diseases and I already  suffer from illnesses that worsen with weight gain. The good news is that most of the risks I have lessen significantly with weight loss.

Diabetes: both of sides of my family have it. One of the most effective way to prevent it is to maintain an healthy diet.

High blood pressure: again from both sides of my family,I already have some symptoms. Easily prevented with diet and exercise.

Rheumatoid arthritis: it’s an autoimmune, my dad has it. It can’t be prevented but a proper diet and a healthy weight can ease the symptoms.

Depression: we all know that food affect people’s mood and the social consequences of obesity can worsen my anxiety and make me relapse.

To loose weight I’m gonna have to formulate a clear plan and create a page for it on my blog so I can keep track of my progress. I like to win, so when I have a project, and I establish objectives I do my best to meet them. I have to do more research so I can make a well written, personalized diet and exercise plan, which take into consideration my lifestyle, my eating habits and my willpower. I has to be a yearly project with 4 phases (1 each quarter). The end result is that I want to be a healthy and active young lady.

That’s all I’m gonna write about it now. When my plan is ready I will put it up.



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  1. i just decided on doing the same thing–losing weight. you sound much more excited about it than i feel, tho! anyway, good luck to us both 🙂

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