My day and Jack

Today was an okay day, I found out I might be able to fly with Jack with little hassle (Thanks to Kat), it made my day. I’m seeing my psychologist tomorrow and I’m gonna ask her if she can give me a prescription to have Jack as my Emotional Support dog. I really hope she doesn’t mind because travelling with him might cost me money I don’t have and I can’t imagine my life without him. It makes me sad to think about that.

I don’t know what I’m gonna talk about in my 1 am post yet (it’s the time I get inspired the most). Insomnia boosts my creativity, fixing my insomnia is lowering my creativity level…. Hum…I need to fin a better time to write because when I start working I won’t be able to have sleepless night. I need a new book to read, a positive one, an inspiring one but I don’t want one telling me what to do to change my life. Please let me know if you have any suggestion!

I’m having a sad moment today, it will probably pass by the time I go to bed but right now it sucks 😦 . Anxiety causes my body to ache and I hate that. I did some stretching but I still feel tense. I’m watching American Idol, art makes me happy so I’m going to do my best to enjoy it :). Oh dear!  A sad face and an happy face in the same paragraph! Now I’m actually smiling for realizing that lol. Emotionally stable much!  My sister in law just broke a glass, I couldn’t stop laughing, she is so clumsy!  It was the last glass  in the house, she broke all the others lol ! She is a very funny person, by accident lol, and she is always laughing and it’s actually contagious. I invited her to watch the show with me! I’m really trying to make an effort towards being more accepting and tolerant.I’m not even getting mad that she’s singing along!

Sadness gone :). Jack is licking bf’s feet, they must smell bad lool . He’s been scratching his butt since this he came from the groomers, poor baby, but it’s funny watching him running around trying to find somewhere to scratch it. I put Vaseline for him but it doesn’t last for long until he starts scratching again. I should look it up. My baby has an ear infection also! That’s what happens when he’s not with me for two months. I’m treating his ears with white vinegar, he hates it but it helps him a lot, his ear is clearing up. Now it’s time to take care of his skin, it might be an allergic reaction to god knows what, I hate see him calm. I feel like a bad mother. Found out it might be because he was shaved, they suggested to give him a bath with gentle shampoo. Do you have any advice for me? I need help ! I’ll let you know how he’s doing tomorrow after the bath.

That’s all for my day!




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  1. hey, check out this site. you actually need a letter that says you have a mental illness and the animal is required to be with you wherever you stay the night. needs to be signed by doc, and have doc’s letterhead and date. you need a new letter every year. you can also have any other mental health professional write the letter, such as your therapist, psychiatrist, etc.

  2. oh! and also, here is the link to the same site dealing with housing you may use, ie apartments, hotels, motels, etc. you need the same letter as for flying except specify in this letter that it is for housing. so if you travel by plane, you show the plane letter for ESA’s and when you get to your hotel, you show the housing letter, and that means that no matter what the hotel policy is on pets, it does not apply to you. you show them the letter and they must give you and your animal a room even if it is not a specified pet room, or even if they do not allow pets. also they cannot ask you to pay a deposit or animal pet rent.

  3. sorry for commenting so much!! some hotels are not familiar with ESA’s and will try to turn you away when they read the letter. but they can’t do that. if that happens, you may have to ask them to call their corporate attorney to check. (i had to do that) so they call, and the attorney should tell them pretty quick like that they have no choice but to allow the animal in any room available without any charges. so, just be aware they may try to deny you your ESA–so just be prepared in case and ask them to talk to their hotel attorney.

    • Thank you 🙂 you have no idea how much you are helping me right now! I’ll look for the cortisone cream for Jack! Please keep commenting. It’s good to know that somebody cares 🙂 Hugss

  4. for the itching, instead of vaseline try cortisone cream (anti itch cream). used it on my previous dog all over his tummy and insides of legs (he was unfortunately allergic to grass) and once the cortisone cream was on and he forgot about so left it alone, he did not itch for the rest of the day. good luck!

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