10 tips + 1 to an uncluttered mind

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.  ~Hans Hofmann, Introduction to the Bootstrap, 1993

We read a lot about clutter, how it affect our lives negatively. The solution is usually to clean out our house or offices, but what about our minds? What can we do to have a clean and organized mind?


1-Devellop good habits


Habits are what we do everyday, without having to think about it. Establishing a routine and good habits for our daily responsibilities, live us space to think about more important issues. Think about it once, schedule it, practice it for a week or two, it becomes an habit for life.

2-Write it down

Pen and paper where invented or a reason, as well as computers and cellphones, we don’t have to memorize everything. Why not write down what you have to do or things we want to remember? Then we can forget about it and since we have created the habit of checking our agenda daily we will stay in check with our duties. 


We tend to generalize our life. The truth is that our life can be divided in many categories, physical health,mental health,friendship,romantic relationship,professional life. Once we start seeing our lives as a conglomeration of different aspects, it will be easier for us to rationally evaluate ourselves. The same goes for our days, we are awake about 16 hours a day, when asked how your day was, if less than 8 hours of that day was bad, it was actually a good day!

4-Act on it

We tend to get anxious about issues we have to solve and spend a lot of time thinking about it. Most the time the solution is to simply deal with it. Pick up the phone, write the email, we should do what it takes to get rid of problems and our lives and remove unnecessary stress.

5-Get rid of stuff

Yes, Physical clutter, also clutter our mind, because we spend to much time thinking about cleaning up, having to many choices can be stressful, and ugly is never good for the mind.

6-Be mindful

Be in the moment, we should take more time to be present. It seems contradictory to creating habits be it’s not, it’s complementary, remember?  We left space in our mind. We forget too often that we can find happiness in the simple things.We should take time to clear our mind, to meditate, to feel, to be alive. Our existence is a miracle in itself and what is more beautiful then a miracle?

7-Have a good laugh 

There is nothing more relaxing than a good laugh (I might be lying 😉 but you can replace the laughter by whatever else relaxes you). For the seconds you spend laughing, there are many positive chemical reactions that goes through our brain. It’s fast way to get  rid of mental clutter, it works even when we force ourselves to laugh. Laughter is also a good way to bring people together, socialization

8-Eliminate toxicity

We should eliminate anything toxic in our lives. It goes to say that toxic friendships and relationships are to be avoided. Anything that can affect our health physically should also be reduced. The guilt that results from unhealthy habits is a poison to the mind.

9-Embrace positivity

We should surround ourselves with positive people. Adopt a positive attitude. Read and learn about what make the world better. Aspire to good, empathize, be compassionate, express love and appreciation towards others. Filling our lives with positive energy is healthy food for the mind.

10- Define priorities

Our brain is like a machine, if we give it to much to do, it freezes and messes up. It is important to define our priorities and to find a proper balance. Our willpower is a scarce resource we should use it efficiently.


Like any other body part the brain needs to rest. We wouldn’t spend our days doing push up without taking breaks, the same goes for our mind. We should allow ourselves to rest, to do activities that are pleasing and does not involve too much brain power. Another good way to rest….is to sleep.


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