Wellcast – How Pets Improve Your Mood



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  1. This is absolutely true!

  2. this is why i have an Emotional Support Animal (ESA). my doc wrote a letter that said i need the companionship and emotional support of a pet, so i am not required to pay any pet deposit or pet rent to my landlord for having a medically needed animal in my apartment. my ESA can travel with me wherever i go so long as i will be sleeping somewhere.

    my wonderful doggie sunshine died last fall, she was my ESA and she was so wonderful because she was devoted to me and was so affectionate and loving. currently i have a cat, who is a pretty great cat, but at some point i want to get another dog. but i can only have one ESA at a time. everyone with a mental illness should have an ESA, especially if they have limited socialization or difficulty leaving the home. animals help so much, affection, loving, companionship, and make us laugh.

    • This is great! I wonder if I could make Jack an ESA officially, because that’s what he is to me…. He saved my life many times, I’m having trouble figuring out how to travel with him..Thank you so much for talking about that!

    • I’m so excited! 🙂 You made my day I went on American Airlines and they just need my psychologist to sign a form for me saying I need him for emotional support. I think she will do it :). Thank you sooo much!

  3. Dog Tales: A Hospice Dog Blog

    Cute video. Thanks for sharing!

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