5 Rules to everyday happiness

1- You can only change yourself 

Many times we get angry because of other peoples actions and we spend time and energy trying to fix people or to understand their behaviors. Once we realize that we can only change ourselves our perspective will changed.  We should focus  in finding the best reactions and behaviors towards others depending on their personalities, while remaining true to ourselves.

2- If someone doesn’t know better, he cannot do better

That rule is related to expectations towards others. We usually expect others to behave like we would and that often lead to disappointment. People actions are often motivated by the information they have in hand. If someone did not learn empathy, kindness or politeness for example, it is impossible for them to express them.

3- When faced with adversity, take a step back

When something bad happens, we tend to react emotionally. My strategy is to have my emotional moment for about 2 minutes (depending on the situation), then take a step back, regroup and take a rational decision. It is quite difficult when the “right” thing to do goes against what we feel like doing, but practice makes perfect.

4- Be compassionate 

Remember that there is good in every person. We should try to see other people’s point of view and do our best to empathize with them. Compassion removes anger and helps us find inner peace, therefore it is vital to also be compassionate with ourselves.

  • 5- Sometimes you just need to breathe

One day I was panicking, and posted about it and someone commented “just breathe, seriously, take deep breaths it will help”. I tried and it made a huge difference for me. Our body has natural remedies against stress and anxiety, and on of the best of them is oxygen. Maximizing the amount of oxygen that goes through our lungs and focusing on ourselves can go a long way.

Feel free to share your own rules, when it’s in writing they appear clearer to you and they become easier to follow.

Kisses !


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