There Is No App For Happiness

Technology has expanded at such a rate that nearly every aspect of our world has been affected — yet there has been no corresponding expansion of personal happiness. We are depressed, anxious, sleep-deprived and overmedicated. This talk explores the innate technology within us — the “apps” of our mind, body and emotional center that contain the inner-knowledge that can empower the most meaningful areas of our lives.


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  1. ya, when will they come up with a way to use a flash drive into our heads, fitting us all with a USB port first? Then we can connect our brains to all our technology too! maybe that will ease our depression, anxiety, loneliness?

  2. Reblogged this on Hears To Your Health and commented:
    Personal Happiness is the number one goal!

  3. Well, if there is no app for happiness, I think you are working hard on creating one…

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