At the club, decided to go, feeling undress. A lot of girls from highschool are there makes me feel self conscious. Why though?
Old wounds I guess lame am I blogging in a midddle of a party lool. My boyfriend is waiting for the booze. I guess I’m not into these social gathering anymore.. Everyone showing up their outfits. To be honest its because I don’t feel good in my body. Can’t find outfits to make me feel sexy. I know I’m pretty but I can’t wear clothes on my face lool. The girls look good, it’s at a VIP hotel (I missed the memo lol). IDon’t feel bad though, just unprepared. E and my introverted self. Thank god I have a phone lol.
So plan for the night, drink, dance, have sex with bf. Sounds like a good plan my loves! What do you think? Lool. The music is very good ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s it for now. I’ll post later maybe!


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  1. I feel the same way when I go out dancing/drinking with my bf and friends. I cant ever find something I feel good or great in even though everyone says I look good. I am very self-conscious. I have started to find somewhat flattering things to wear. For example dresses with empire waists look fantastic on me. You just have to keep trying different styles on until you find something that looks fabulous on!
    I love the plan!

    • Thank you for the tip! I’ll try! I actually had fun ๐Ÿ™‚ the plan worked. I hope I feel less self conscious with time. But I realized that just because I decided to have fun, I forgot about myself and focused on watching people around me happy. It boosted my mood.:)

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