Saturday Morning in the cold

Good morning my loves! 

I woke up, played with Jack 🙂 OMG I love my baby !! Now I’m having my coffee and eating a peanut butter sandwich. It’s cold outside! I have to convince myself to get out of the house..Bf wants to go do the groceries so I guess that will be it. I don’t know if you guys remember but I’m reading a book called the Happiness project. Because I was surrounded by so many people in Haiti, I never got time to finish it. I read a good portion of it during my flight to Canada.It’s a very good book. I’ll take the time during the week to talk about it, because it’s worth an entire post. 

Please remind me to call for an appointment with my psychiatrist and my psychologist! I’m watching the following (a TV show). It’s a really f up show. I was scared about getting along with my sister in law but we get along just fine. I think it’s because of the work I’ve done to myself too. I’ve been trying to stop judging people and accept them as they are. Because I care about her I really wish the best for  her but I can’t expect her to act as I want, she will evolve at her own pace. That conclusion helped me remove the anger I had towards her and look at her with more compassion. 

Removing the judgement from my life has been one of the best thing that is happening to me. The cold is bringing my mood down..Trying to keep it up! Hum… Jack is on my laps watching TV with us. Hopefully bf will go walk him tonight cause I’m not up for it. 

Nothing else to say! I’ll pst later..Kisses 


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  1. I’m so happy to hear that you are reunited with Jack! Welcome back to Canada, and don’t worry, you’re not the only one! Everybody is ready for winter to be over and for spring to arrive. xx

  2. I can feel your happiness being back with your little cuddle bug! Can’t to get my new little in in about 3 weeks (Frank). My hubby’s reading the Happiness Project right now–I get it next. I’ll be looking forward to your take on it!

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