I landed yesterday night in Montreal. It’s cold! I didn’t get out of the house yet…I spent the day sleeping..old habits die hard. My trip was nice. During my layover I went in did my nails in a express salon, I had an hour and a half of massage on a chair while waiting for the pedicure. It was very good, because I’ve been having pain all over my body. It hurts again today, I’m gonna ask my boyfriend to give me a massage before we sleep. Jack is sleeping…Yes I’m with my baby ! :). He looked like shit but he  was so happy! I gave him a quick trim now he is more presentable. I have my cuddle buddy back, both of them. We sleep like a family, the three of us. I can’t wait for us to get married, so we live in the same house with Jack. I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy and then I’m gonna watch scandal. Have a good night my loves! 



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  1. so happy to hear you so happy!

  2. Man, I love Canada. Did you know they have a train in the freakin sky?

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