Bucket list # 12 : Identify 100 things that make me happy


2-My boyfriend

3-When I’m with my cousins 

4-My little sisters

5-My mom 

6-The sun 



9-Watching the wendy william show

10–Watching Ted Talks

11-Talking to A.

12-Talking to P.

13-Talking to M.

14-Talking to my best girlfriend 

15-Going to the beach 

16-Watching Greys anatomy

17-Watching Scandal

18-Being able to sleep



22-Doing my nails 

23-Playing with my nieces 

24- Planning my wedding 

25-Thinking about psychology research 

26- Painting 


28-Doing craft 

29- Collecting quotes 

30-Reading a good book 

31-Shopping in thrift stores 

32-Having a me day 

33- Reading other blogs 


35- Planning a new project 

36- Taking pictures 


38- Going to the restaurant 

39- Baking with my mom 

40- Having meaningful conversations 

41-Playing tennis 


43- Bubble bath 

44-Getting a massage 

45- Outdoor activities 

46-When my boyfriend surprises me 

47-Seeing happy animals 

48- Collecting journals 

49-Learning on Youtube

50- Watching comedies 

51- Going to the movies 

52- Going to shows and concerts 

53-Hanging out with a couple of friends 

54- A cold beer 

55- Making love with bf 

56-Meeting interesting people 

57-When I get out of my comfort zone and I like it 

58-Feeling pretty

59-Feeling loved

60-Feeling sexy

getting hard here….

61-When I get a brilliant idea 


63-Playing scrabble 


65-Doing Yoga

66-Helping others 

67-taking a hot shower 

68-Eating peanut butter sandwich

69-Doing research


71-Looking at old pictures

72-My first cup of coffee of the day

73-Playing with Jack

74-Seeing other people succeed  

75-Cuddling with bf 

76-Laughing with bf 

77-Eating Pizza 


79-Giving gifts 

80-Getting gifts 



83-observing art 

84-Eating something new


86-Being relaxed

87-Not having my periods

88-Cleaning and organizing other people’s  closet 





94-Star and moon gazing

95-Watching the snow fall 

96-The smell of the rain 

97-Drinking coke

98-Eating hot brownies and ice cream 

99-Being on the beach at night listening to the sound of the wave

100- Being me 🙂 





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  1. I love this, it’s a great idea!
    I’m also pretty sure ‘Scrabble’ would find a place on my list too 😉
    Hehe 🙂

  2. What I great list! I love to play scrabble too! I’m a pretty tough player! 😉

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