Anxiety !

I woke up this morning and my anxiety is very high….I have no idea why…Or maybe I do, I will probably have an interview this week and I’d like to get the job. I think the wait is killing me…. My mom might come live in Port au prince, and if she comes it will me perfect for me. I won’t be at my aunt’s house anymore and Jack will be able to come. Also, I’m finally gonna be able to start my diet. (My aunt’s maid is a very bad cook).I’m still sleepy, ohh god… I have to relax..I’ve tried breathing techniques bu they’re not working…my hands are shaking… I don’t know what’s going on with me . 

Do you guys have any ideas about managing anxiety in the workplace? 


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  1. I can only think of breathing techniques or doing some sort of exercise. I tried to go outside for a walk on breaks and when possible, I went to lunchtime yoga.
    Good luck with your interview!

  2. Agree with depressed but hopeful-get out, go for a walk, stretch…inside-change the direction of your chair if you can; move it even a few feet in another direction may help. Put a picture on your desk that makes you smile-a pet, a flower, a scene that calms…
    Watch your thoughts and choose only the good ones ( “the wait is killing me” ) ignore co-workers drama if there is any…and make sure you drink lots of water!!
    Sending hugs and best wishes for the interview, and life ^j^

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