You have nothing to loose !

Today I went to work with my cousin because it would be easier for me to get a ride if I had an interview. She works at the airport, since bf was leaving today we spent time together in the waiting area. We were chilling, when I heard a lady talk on the phone. She needed a manager and was looking for a young professional to do the job. I was scared too go and ask her if I could send her my resume, but it would be stupid not too. Bf reminded me that I had nothing to loose and told me to take my chances. It took me a lot of deep breaths but I did it! She was please that I did, I sent her my resume and she’s going to call me when she comes back to set up an interview. 

I’m so happy I did that! I consider myself as shy, so I’m not good at talking to strangers. What I had to remind myself was that the worse that could happen would be for the lady to tell me no. I would be in the same position I was before asking, not bad at all. 

Since I’ve been in Haiti I’ve realize that I’ve gained a lot of self confidence, not because of the country itself, but because I’m seeing the results of all the psychotherapy sessions. Working on myself was a long journey and I’m still on it. I think I’m believing in myself more and more, and trusting that I can contribute to the world. Now I’m working on being less emotional, to be able to take a step back when I’m in a revolting situation and try to handle it in a rational manner. Sometimes I let my empathy get the best of me and it’s not a good thing in the field I’m working. Winning a cause is not always about passion. The ability to convince others of the validity of your quest without tying it to emotions, can go further than passion alone.


I believe that self improvement is an ongoing process. Always looking for way to improve yourself doesn’t mean finding what’s wrong with you and dwelling on it. It means finding ways that makes you feel better about yourself.You have to practice self acceptation first. My definition of self acceptation is the ability to self reflect, recognize our strengths and weaknesses,and make peace with it. Sometimes what you perceive as a weakness can turn to your benefit, that why you should never focus on the negative.Once you accept your flaws and recognize that they are what makes you human, happiness will be easier to experience. 


As someone who suffers from depression, my definition of happiness is different. For me being happy means not suffering, it means being in a state where all my internal pain is gone. I can feel sad, be mad, get frustrated and still consider myself as happy because i’m not in a general state on darkness and I can experience real emotions. 

So every time you are scared of doing or asking for something, ask yourself! What’s the worse that can happen?




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