beach again! I love that life!

I went to an interview today, it went well, then beach bound! Yup I’m in my hotel room now…bf is sleeping beside me, I’m gonna wake him up around 8 so we can go eat souper. I just love the beach… sometimes I get frustrated about haiti, and the poverty makes me sad. But then I go to some amazing places, where I can appreciate the beauty of nature. I also see peoples kindness and others that don’t have much to eat with a smile on their face. They have faith of a better day…

The sound of the waves is the most peaceful thing ever…When I’m here it’s not hard to live in the moment because everything is so beautiful around me.

I’m starting to get sleepy. Ohh thank you for your encouraging words by the way! It really help me stay focus and push regrets away from my decision to quit.
I’m gonna goke wake bf up!


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  1. Can we change lives right now. I’m stuck in an office with no windows 😦

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