What a week!

I’m so tired! I can’t believe I have to work tomorrow too! I love what I do, because I get to be creative and do whatever I want. But I hate my boss because he’s ignorant, doesn’t have strong ethical values and is trying to pressure me to “play ball” and get into the wasting time business.

I didn’t take the job because of money. I spend more in gaz than they pay me. But I wanted to get back to a regular schedule. It’s working and my depression is going away, but i’m scared that I overwork (like always) and I burn out. Next week I have a very busy week, we are hosting an international television company, and I’m suppose guide them through the town, and make sure that everything goes as plan.I’m flying down on Sunday, then i’m gonna have 10 to 12 h days. I’m going to get to meet a lot of people, I’m exited about that.

How are you guys doing? I don’t know if i”ll find the time to read you blogs, maybe on Sunday but I’m not sure because Bf is going to Canada on Wednesday so were gonna try to spend some time together. I miss him… It’s gonna be harder.


I started this post yesterday , now I’m at work I’m so pissed off… I’m about to have a panick attack so I decided to post because I feel like going crazy right now. I arrive at work at 6h45 , the job officially strats at 7. Meanwhile a coworkes was on the computer doing his personal stuff before work. A manager came and screamed at him. I was so shocked! Another manager told my boss to tell me to stop leaving my desk. So now I’m stock in front of a fucking computer doing nothing. Usually when I get out of my chair its actually for me to go look for something to do and actually do my job!

I told myself I was gonna watch TED talks but get what the Fucking computer doesn’t have any sound so I started looking at the walls…And I got bored… I think I’m missing Canada, where is home? I’m torn between two country. Maybe I should just not live… I’m never satisfied with anything!

My bosses voice is annoying!!!because he has the same voice as my step dad…It really shifts my mood I get enraged when I hear his voice..I guess that’s PTSD. I miss my psy… I have to go now…


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  1. I’m glad to see that you are feeling so much energy and also excitement about meeting new people. Sounds like a really good sign! Your work situation, however, sounds pretty stressful. Remember to take care of yourself. Take lots of deep breaths and I’m sure you’ll figure out what’s best to do. xx

    • I QUIT! loool I can’t believe I stood up for myself ! 🙂 How are u doing?

      • Good for you! Being in a work situation that rubs you so wrongly isn’t healthy. I’m sure you’ll find a better opportunity.
        I’m doing well. Getting ready to go back to work! This time it will be full time for a few months but I’m hoping I’ll keep up the good habits and confidence I built during my part time work in the fall.

      • I’m so happy for you! 🙂 . I think you will keep up the good habits, you are pretty good at that beating depression thing !

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