Bucket List #45 Write a list of 50 things I like about myself

This one is hard! How am I gonna find 50 different things? Ok Here we go! 

1-I’m empathetic 

2-I’m funny when I don’t try

3-I’m a good listener 

4-I give good advice 

5-I learn fast 

6-I’m curious 

7-I’m creative 

8-I’m organized (but messy ) 

9- People connect with me easily 

10-I’m honest (sometimes too much)  

11-Money is not my primary source of motivation

12-I’m passionate about what I believe in

13-I don’t feel the need to be cool 

14-I don’t give up easily

15-I’m open minded and I try to be objective (keyword try) 

16-I’m a serial planner, when things don’t go my way I don’t dwell on it for long, I just make a new plan 

17-I’m persistent and positive, there’s always a solution to a problem

It’s getting harder now….. hum 

18-I’m committed to everything I do 

19-I’m a decent tennis player 

20-I have good manners 

21-I’m very independent 

23-I love animals and they love me 

24-I have an eye for decoration 

25-I know how to keep a conversation going 

26-I’m interesting 

Oh my god it’s so hot!!! 

27-I find a way to believe in science and spirituality 

28-I see the good in everyone, I believe that people are intrinsically good 

29-I have nice toes haha 

30- I like my hair 

31-I’m not materialistic

32-I have a good balance of idealism and realism

33-I’m proud to be a woman and I don’t feel like I’m worth less than a man. Sometimes I think I’m even smarter lol

34-I know how to choose good guys in my life ( I feel lucky that I don’r have the tendency to repeat abusive patterns )

35-I’m trustworthy

I’m out of ideas….

36- I’m rational 

37- I have good emotional intelligence (that’s what my psy told me) 

38-I’m mature for my age 

39-I never blame others for my failures 

10 more to go yay! 

40-I love learning 

I’m stuck!!!! HELP!!!!! 

41- I write pretty well 

42-I don’t take myself too seriously

43-I don’t take anything for granted

44- I don’t think that anybody owes me anything

45- I can cook

46-I accepted the fact that I don’t fit in any box and it’s ok 

47-I’m always looking for ways to improve and be mindful 

48- I don’t hold grudges 

49- I make good use of my brain 

50- I’m starting to love myself as is 


I did it! It feels good 🙂 You guys should try it .. and when you feel down, go read it! It’s the written proof that your life is worth fighting for 🙂 






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  1. 26-I’m interesting

    Oh my god it’s so hot!!!

    haha! 😀

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