Haitian reality


Hey my loves! 

I’m feeling better today! I think that flu finally decided to leave my poor lungs. Today was quite an adventure. I woke up, drank my coffee then washed my hair. I spend about 2 hours doing them, while watching Lee Daniel’s The Butler. It’s a very good movie. I had an appointment at 1 PM  to go get my passport at the Canadian Embassy. That was the beginning of my little how to live in Haiti 101 course. 

So there is a Gasoline shortage since Friday in the whole country. Today there was no Gasoline at all. My dad went to work with my aunt so there were no automatic cars left for me (I can’t drive shift stick). So I asked Bf to come pick me up and bring me there, but bf’s car was on empty. I told my mom that she told me to go get her car at my house with bf, so he can drive it (It’s a shift stick). Since Bf didn’t have any gas we had to figure out how to get to my mom’s (she’s out of town). There was some Gasoline on his generator (it’s something that gives electricity when there’s a blackout) he figured out a way to take it out of the generator and put it in his car. He came to pick me up, when went to take my mom’s car then I went to the embassy. On our way back, we decided to take the long way hoping that we would find a gas station that had gasoline (we had a 5 gallon container with us). While passing by a nearly empty one I saw a truck delivering gas to the station. So we went and asked for gas, they said it would take around 30 minutes. We waited,bf was getting impatient but I decided I was gonna take the opportunity to tan my toes. I’m not serious lol, but I was very calm and enjoying the sun.  So we finally got the gas we filled my mom’s car and the five gallon then we went to drop it off. 

Back in Bf’s car we want to go fill the tank back at the station. Unfortunately when we got there, there were too many cars and we where too tired to wait so he dropped me off home. Now I’m on my bed, tired. It seems pretty stressful to have to do all that so I can get from one point to another but I felt alive. It’s unbelievable how I’m able to keep my composure when I can’t control my environment. The adaptation here is very interesting. One thing I had to get use to is to be constantly surrounded by people, I’m never alone and everybody, I mean everyone cares about you. A little too much for my taste. Yesterday the maid at my aunt drove me crazy when I told her I couldn’t eat what she  made for breakfast. She kept on apologizing me asking me if she can make something else for me. I ate 2 bananas I was fine with that, but she insisted, so I just went up to my room and slept. In the afternoon she brought me honey and lemon for my cold, it was very thoughtful of her, my annoyance went away. If I live here I’m gonna have to get use to that. Today I had to fight them so they can let me go out without eating….Crazy… LOL. I need to go back home (to my mom’s) fast. It’s just me in her there, we’ll probably have a maid but I’ll be able to manage her. At my aunt’s everybody eats 3 full meals a day, and they think you’re weird if you don’t lool.

Good news! I lost 10 pounds since I came here! And I didn’t even try! It’s mostly due to the fact that I was sick most of the time, but I eat much healthier here so I hope it will continue like that. How am I mentally? I don’t really have time to think about it but I’m better. I’ve had a few downs, the difference was that it felt weird to be down…I kept on asking myself why I felt like shit, then I remembered….I’m depressed! I think it’s a good thing when the state of depression is odd. It really sucks to be depressed! Being mindful really helped me, having my family around too. When I can’t sleep I meditate, I take the seroquel every 2 days and I’m fine. I only take half so hopefully I’ll be able to get off it soon. Other random news that made my day yesterday, my Netflix subscription in Canada works in Haiti!I’m so happy about that! I’m in introvert so I need time alone to recharge and Netflix is the perfect excuse to stay in my room.Yes, I need an excuse, today the maid came to my room and told me “I came to see if you were alive, you never came downstairs” I was like…oh sorry I’ve been doing my hair… LOL I have a Tv and a laptop in my room why would I go downstairs to watch TV? Smh…It was very sweet though… Just my north american mind not like people in my bubble. 

Anyways! That’s all for today! I hoped you enjoyed the first episode of real life in Haiti! 




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  1. It’s so great to hear about your adventures! I’m glad you are felling better. xx

  2. Glad to hear from you! Sounds a lot different there, they seem very thoughtfull! 🙂
    I smiled when you said you had to remind yourself youre depressed, that’s a very good sign.
    Enjoy some nice weather for me! 😀

  3. I’m glad you’re happy (or having to remind yourself that you’re depressed.) 🙂

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