What a week!

OMG I’m so tired! I haven’t blogged for ever! I haven’t had time to breathe since Christmas, I have a lot of socializing to do. Where do I start? The diner at my bf’s family on the 25th went well, I actually had 2 dinner parties that day so I was out from 2 pm to 12 am. The 26th my boyfriend wanted to go to Bob Sinclair, but before we had to go to a friend’s birthday party, so we went there around 10pm then we to Bob Sinclair around midnight, it was fun, the party ended at 10 Am. We stayed until 6 Am then I spent the day sleeping. I was sick the whole day!  First I thought I was hungover then I realized I did not drink that much the night before. I thought it was seafood allergies because I felt better when I took some benadryl, but it was Seroquel withdrawal! I went to my cousin’s wedding on Saturday, it was simple and beautiful, the music was very good also, there was an open bar, my boyfriend was tipsy. I didn’t touch any alcohol cause I was too scared to get sick again.

Yesterday we went to the beach! Finally! I was so happy! Not only the scenery was beautiful but bf and I got to enjoy some alone time. I had a very bad night though…I’m really considering going back on the Seroquel. My mood has been stable, but the nausea, the vomiting and the itching is hell. But I’m also tempted to hold on just one more day, hoping the symptoms will go away. Just took it. I can’t take it anymore I’ll go see  a doctor so he an get me off it properly. I’m gonna try to finish this post without falling asleep.

So far Haiti has been great. Except for my sister, she had one of he crisis yesterday, she broke a bottle of amaretto on purpose because she was mad. This will be subject of another post, when I will be less tired. I had two small panic attacks because I was in crowded  places but I managed to control them well. Bf has been a charm this pass week, he’s really been there to support me and he makes me happy. He’d also been very patient and understanding with me, which is a huge help. It’s very hard to explain depression to my family so I simply don’t talk about it. I’ve been feeling better this week so I didn’t have to hide my feelings, people always like happy feelings.

I’m passing out, so I’m just gonna publish it like that. I hope you guys are well, I hope I’ll find time tomorrow to write because I have a lot to tell you!



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  1. I am on medication that makes me tired too, so I know how you feel. I have never been to the beach, but want to go so bad. Happy new year.

  2. It sounds a good week. About the serequel, going off of it cold turkey causes massive side effects, I wouldnt recommend it at all. See a doc if you want to get off of it properly. We cant take it either though, it causes us chaos inside.

  3. Glad you are having a great time. Hugs.

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