I’m finally home! I’m so happy! And very tired. I haven’t slept in 2 days, between the excitement and everything I had to do before I leave. I landed at 9 AM this morning, when I got home I had to go back out to do the groceries with my mom. It was nice :). Then I went to see my grandfather. We got back home around 5 Pm, I took a nap for an hour and my mom knocked at my door, telling me somebody was asking for me. An old friend of mine came to see me. An hour later, one of my best guy friend came to pick me up!  I had no choice but to go. I was very anxious to see so many people, but my mom helped him force me out of the house. It was nice to see my friends, and my friend’s parents.I came home early though I was tired and bored, I wasn’t really feeling the vibe, mostly because my best friend’s girlfriend was there and I know she hates me, so I couldn’t be myself around him. I think we’re gonna see each other tomorrow and chill. 

Since I arrived, I’ve had 5 people telling me I gained weight. Like I didn’t realize it. It hurt less today,probably because I felt pretty and I think I’m starting to be comfortable with myself. I have a plan to loose weight, and I will do it my way, in my own time. I think psychotherapy has done a lot for me. Before I left my psychologist gave me queues about how to deal with people in these kind of situation. How to remove myself politely, just change subject etc. In Haiti everybody think they are qualified dietitians.I was happy to see how good the country looked though, the progress I’ve seen between last year and now is remarkable.I really hope it continues like that. 

I’m going to sleep now. I am drained. I will try to post one a day,or once every two days. I miss Jack!



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  1. Glad your home. Missed your posts. XX if you want the password for our blog shoot me an email ok? multikindred30@gmail.com

  2. I’m so glad you’re home. I am sure your mom will pamper you and is ecstatic that you’re there.

  3. Welcome home! That bright splash of orange just woke me up–I love it! Hopefully it brings the promise of a bright new year! 🙂

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