Why Don’t People Believe in Bisexuality?


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  1. you cant really not believe in something that just is, that is all around you. i mean, i could say i dont believe in nighttime, or in the sun, or in the desert or in the holocaust. or like creationists, who dont believe in evolution or in scientific carbon dating or fossils. but it doesn’t make it not there, not real. it just shows how ignorant the person saying it is, putting their head in the sand like an ostrich.

    • I love your comment! It’s so true! But there are so many people around me that are homophobic or think that being bisexual means the person is a sex addict. I’m straight but I am repulsed by the idea that a part of society wants to deny the lgbt community their rights in the name of religion or morality. I spent hours with my dad last year trying to convince him that I would rather a stable gay couple adopt a kid than letting one more kid stay in the foster care system. I finally gave up when I saw he wasn’t thinking rationally anymore. My that is a scientist who is atheist. I couldn’t believe that he would be so narrow minded when it came to that.I think it was one of my biggest disappointment with him. I was watching video the other day about a bakery store owner who wouldn’t sale a cake to gay people in the name of his religious freedom. The couple went to court than run. But Fox news (as usually) made a big deal about the justice system denying the baker his right of religious freedom.
      – The youtubers wheres debating on whether or not the baker was right, and one of them said he has a point about the his right to stand behind his religious belief
      – Another one replied : Then again, they also sited the bible to justify slavery ….

      ***I leave you with these thoughts ***

  2. I identified as bisexual until recently, when I got a grasp of what pansexuality is. The most annoying thing is that you start dating men and when you disclose they see you all of a sudden as someone to fulfill their sexual fantasies with, like, you know, threesomes…

    Not being a heterosexual woman and dating men is very hard, unless you find one that sees you as a full human being and not a sex toy. One that understands your sexual orientation is yours and part of who you are, not something for them to take advantage of.

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