Jack found his blue ball (:

Jack found his blue ball (:

This is not a picture of Jack sleeping or laying politely on my bed. This his Jack trying to kill the blue ball. If the is a toy I regret sometimes buying for Jack is that ball. It makes a very annoying noise inside that drive Jack crazy. The only difference between Jack and I is that he thinks he will be able to find the noise and kill it…Meanwhile I have to endure hearing the ball rolling on the floor or him jumping on my bed with the ball until he gets tired…
So why don’t I just take it from him? Well I love watching him go crazy and he always manages to loose it for a couple of months (I don’t know how). He found it today, so the noise is back LOL . I love him! I love seeing him happy!
He looks sad or sleepy in the picture but he is very exited and focused on the ball…
Moral of the story, looks can be deceiving!


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