Small victory for my WordPress family!!

Do you remember my post when I got mad about people posting insensitive comments on other people’s blog well my blogger friend game me permission to site her. She also wanted me to post her comment to say thank you to everybody who wished her well.

Oh, my life. Friday was a busy day for me so I completely missed this post. I’m so taken a back, it’s been a long time since someone “stood up” for me, especially a stranger.
I don’t even know what to say!

And not forgetting everyone who has commented to wish me well.

Wow, it’s not often I’m lost for words. Thank you, all of you!

You’re very welcome to link the post or post what I said in it here, but please no ganging up on the girl who commented. As was said above, she seems young, she may have meant well, and as much as her comment pissed me off too I don’t want her getting a load of hate. By all means, educate her but no name calling and bitching. This world has enough of that.


My response to her : You’re welcomed. Don’t worry I hate bullying, that’s why I didn’t put her name or a link to her post. It was just the perfect example of what I’ve been blogging about all along..and I was already in a bad mood it didn’t help. I’m glad that reading the post and the comments made you feel a little better. Hugs

Much better. This whole benefits thing has me rather feeling that people are assholes, but after reading this there are clearly some good people in the world. Hugs

We can congratulate ourselves for this small victory! This is proof that blogging creates a community and that words can make a difference in someone’s life.

Here is a link to her post

I would suggest you guys to check out her post because it’s very easy to read and she discuss some interesting topics.




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