Morning my loves, I woke up with a cold.I drank juice…now my sister and her best friend are making another juice..this time it’s with beets carrots and spinach.Not very exited about it LOL.. They are taking there their juicing seriously lol…I’m not sure I’m gonna follow it though…I’m not sure I’m in a mental state to be on any diet right now…I’m going to try to eat healthy, and drinking the juice with give me more nutrients, but I’m going to try to keep my focus off loosing weight.

I’m sad today..I don’t know why…My boyfriend called the center to say that I wont be coming anymore, so a load of BS will be coming very soon.I’m thinking more and more that I  should go spend some time home.At least I will eat healthy and have a normal schedule.My dad(biological) would be very happy if I come. I’m probably gonna help him with his school..which I love doing…So hopefully it will help with my mood..i need to get out of that depressive spiral. I cut my phone signal since Monday so I don’t receive phone calls. Every time my  phone rings I’m on the edge of a panic attack so I’m just removing them from my life all together.  People I care about know how to contact me. I know it’s not an healthy behavior but it’s the only way I can protect myself now…


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  1. i don’t blame you for not being super excited about the beets/spinach/carrots juice–i think that might actually make you more sick! take care of yourself, feel better, and just try to take things as they come, one by one.

  2. If you need anything… anything at all…. don’t hesitate to contact me. Chin up kiddo… you got this.

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