Rethinking the Bucket List: Kathleen Taylor

Kathleen Taylor is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 20 years of experience in the nonprofit healthcare and social services sector. She currently directs the community engagement functions of a large nonprofit hospice organization. In her career, Kathleen has worked with children in foster care, teens in the juvenile justice system, people with traumatic brain-injuries, priests awaiting ordination, people who are dying and those that love them, faith communities, coalitions, healthcare organizations, first responders, women’s groups, public libraries, and even dental offices.


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  1. great post! “stop bullshitting…” great line. working with hospice patients, i get to see the real them. this is why i probably chose healthcare as my profession. the only time people are f’ing honest, is when they are dieing. the rest is just bullshit. well, i am the one exception. i don’t bs people which is why i’m not liked very much. to those people, i happily say ‘go eff yourself’:)

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    Stop Your BullShitting!

  3. I loved this. You don’t have a soul … you are a soul. I am going to watch this again tomorrow; a lot of what she has to say is very meaningful to me right now.

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