These are the moment in my life that I remember that there must be God!

I got my work permit people!! I’m so happy! And it’s until 2015!  So no immigration stress for a while :). My prayers where heard! just 2 days before the other one expired! I need to pray tonight to say thank you! 

Thank you to you, my loves! You kept my anxiety at a minimum by showing me that you cared :). My problems are not solved but it’s a HUGE weight lifted of my shoulder. Now I need to renew the visa to come back to Canada after the holidays ( The beautiful immigration system!). Anyways, this means I am free now! I can travel the world :). (not really but I’m gonna take it like that for today).

The excitement is gone now because I still need to find out how I’m gonna renew my visa. But I’m hopeful that everything is gonna be okay. 

Night my loves! 



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  1. Congrats on getting your work permit. I am so pleased.
    Hope the visa comes back well too.

  2. Fantastic news! Congratulations!

  3. That’s just amazing! Congrats!

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